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he loved his home state Virginia so he joined confederates.

The Confederate army commander in the American Civil War.

Yes, he was A <-- Notice the A, confederate army commander in the American Civil War. He was a war hero, many battles known; battle of Bull Run, battle of Shiloh, battle of Gettysburg, and many others to lead his troops into battle.

The odds seemed to be always against him. Every time he fought a battle, he found in strategy and not in pride. I could easily count him as one of the better Confederate Generals.

General Lee was appointed General-in-Chief of the Confederate Army in 1865, just in time to sign the surrender documents.

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Q: Who is Robert E. Lee?
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Why do people call Robert e lee Robert e lee and not Robert edward lee?

it was shorter

What does the E stand for in Robert E. Lee?

The "E" in Robert E Lee stands for "Edward", so his name would be "Robert Edward Lee"

When was Robert E Lee born?

Robert E. Lee was born on January 19, 1807.

Did Robert E. Lee have any grandchildren?

yes! robert e lee had 4 grandchildren Mary walker lee Robert E lee III Anne carter lee and Mary Custis Lee

What side was Robert E. Lee on?

Robert E. Lee was on the Confederacy's side.

Where was General Robert E. Lee from?

General Robert E. Lee was from Virginia.

What does the ''e'' stand for in the name Robert E. Lee?

Robert Edward Lee

When was Robert E. Lee born?

Robert E. Lee was born on January 19, 1807

Did Robert E. Lee have any brothers?

Robert E. Lee had 5 brothers

What year was Robert E. Lee born?

Robert E Lee was born in 1807.

How did Robert E. Lee become a general?

Robert E. Lee had the best abilities

Did Jefferson Davis hire Robert E. Lee?

no he did not hire Robert E. Lee

Did Robert E. Lee invent anything?

no Robert E Lee was the confederacies general.

What was Robert E Lee interested in?

Robert E Lee was interested in winning the civil war.

What did Robert E. Lee command?

Robert E Lee commanded Virgina's forces.

Which weapon killed Robert E. Lee?

Robert E Lee died of a stroke

Was Robert e lee at Gettysburg?

Robert E. Lee commanded the Confederate Forces at Gettysburg.

When was Robert E. A. Lee born?

Robert E. A. Lee was born in 1921.

When did Robert E. A. Lee die?

Robert E. A. Lee died in 2009.

Why is Robert E. Lee so important?

why is robert e lee famous

Does Robert E Lee have children?

yes, General Robert E Lee has one daughter.

What war was Robert E Lee in?

Robert E. Lee was defeated in the US Civil War.

Why was Lee county named after Robert E. Lee?

because robert e lee went to lee county alot and was a general.

Why was he called Robert E. Lee and not Robert edward lee?

Because Robert E. Lee sounds like a bosserest name to control the negroes

What was Robert E. Lee known for?

Robert E. Lee was known for fighting for the south for slaves.