Who is Roman name is Saturn for Greek Titans?

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Saturn is the Roman counterpart of Kronos, Lord of Time

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Q: Who is Roman name is Saturn for Greek Titans?
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What is the meaning of Saturn in greek mythology?

Saturn was the king of the Titans and father of the gods, but that is his Roman name. The Greeks called him Kronos.

Why was Saturn chosen for the planets name?

Saturn's name comes from the Roman god of agriculture, who is equated with the Greek deity Cronus, one of the Titans and the father of Zeus (the Roman god Jupiter).Source: Britannica

What was Saturn's Roman name?

'Saturn' was the Roman name; he was the equivalent of the Greek Titan, Cronus.

What greek god is Saturn named after and what does it mean?

saturn is not greek he is roman greek name for saturn is kronos

What is the Greek name for Cronus?

Cronus was the Greek name. His Roman name was Saturn.

What does the name of Saturn's moon Titan mean?

Following the tradition of naming after the Greek gods, The Titans were the sisters and brothers of Cronos, the Greek Saturn.

What is the Greek Titan Kronos's Roman name?


What roman god is Saturn named after?

Saturn is actually from the Greek Titan Cronos (Also spelled Kronos, Chronus, etc.) Cronos was the leader of all Titans and controlled time. He wasn't a god. The Romans copied many Greek things; when they copied Cronos, they changed the name to Saturn

What does Saturn mean in Roman mythology?

Saturn is the name of the Greek titan "Kronos"

Why is cronus the greek god of Saturn?

Cronus is not the greek god of Saturn, Saturn is his Roman name. As for why the Romans named him Saturn, I don't know.

What are some similarities between Saturn and Cronus?

Saturn is Cronus. Cronus was his greek name, Saturn his roman name.

Where the name of planet Saturn derived?

from a greek or roman god

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