Who is Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and how did get his name?

Ruldolph the red nose raindeer is a fictional character portrayed to Christian children around christmas time. Ruldolph lives in the North pole with Santa Claus, the other raindeer and elves who make the toys. He is said to have been born with a red nose that lights up. All the other raindeer made fun of him and 'laughed and called him names', however one Christmas eve santa was worying because it was foggy and so he wouldnt be able to deliver all the toys to the children. Santa asked Ruldolph if he would lead his sleigh using the red light on his nose to see through the fog. From that day on Rulpdolph has lead santas sleigh, flying through the air to deliver childrens christmas presents on new years eve.

The idea of the story i think is to show children that it can be good to be different. Most children on christmas eve leave a carrot for Ruldolph to say thank you for helping santa delivering the presents safely. There is numeous christmas movies about Ruldolph and a song. He obviously gets his name from the fact his nose is red.