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Q: Who is Sargent's Purchase NH named after?
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How old to purchase a knife in NH?

You must be at least 16 years old to purchase a knife in NH without accompaniment by a parent.

Where is the Upper Tomichi Historical Community Association in Sargents Colorado located?

The address of the Upper Tomichi Historical Community Association is: Po Box 104, Sargents, CO 81248-0104

Why is John Mason famous?

Because He found and named NH

Does NH charge a tax when you purchase a new car?

no sales tax.

Is it legal to purchase a lockpick set in NH?

Yes, it's legal to purchase lock pick sets in New Hampshire.

What highway in NH is named after native American chief passaconaways grandson?


How old do you have to be to purchase a car in NH?

You can purchase a car at any age. You just cannot drive the car until the legal driving age.

What did the T stand for under the sargents chevron in the 101 st airborne?

Tech Sgt.

Which mountain is named after Washington?

Mount Washington in NH is the highest peak in the Eastern US.

How old do you have to be to buy a hand gun in NH?

21. Sales by dealers are regulated by Federal Law, not state. That law requires that you must be 21 to purchase a handgun, and 18 to purchase a rifle or shotgun. NH also requires a permit to purchase handguns. You may find some additional information at the website for Gun Owners of New Hampshire.

What does the acronym in NH Hotel stand for?

They used to be named: NAVARRA HOTELS, that's what the acronym stands for.

How does the stop and shop gas rewards work?

With every purchase you make nwith your stop and shop card you earn points toward gas at our stores in Bedford, NH and two stores in Manchester NH.

What was a sargents name at Pearl Harbor when the bombing took place?

See website: Attack on Pearl Harbor

Where are Aldis food products made or purchased from?

Somewher sargents Rd michenbury 2270 new aus

What was the name of the purchase that was named after King Louis XIV?

the lousiana purchase

Is a girl named katie king ugly?

Note: an American ice hockey player from Salem, NH

Who was the treaty named after?

Who was the treaty named after from the Louisiana Purchase

What isname of the book that No time for Sargents is based upon?

A book of the same title, written by Mac Hyman, published in 1954.

How far is nashua nh to Manchester nh?

the distance from Nashua NH to Manchester NH is 19 miles

Where can you purchase Tunair T-100 mechanical pump oil?

You can purchase this from PVD Technology Ltd. in Manchester NH> Their phone number is 603-669-9651 and their web site is

What states allow you to purchase a car without a license?

MA, NH, CT. Probablly all of them. Registering and insuring it will be a different story.

Where can you purchase a gymnastic leotard in Manchester NH?

Actually as a former gymnast and coach I recommend ebay, snowleotards, elitesportswear, and foxysfitnessfashions for leotards!

How did straw purchase get its name?

it was named

How far is concord nh from Lebanon nh?

The distance from Concord NH to Lebanon NH is 57 miles.

What is closer to moultonborough NH COncord NH or Lanconia NH?