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Who is Sasuke in Naruto?


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January 31, 2011 6:53PM

well he is the only member of the uchiha clan that was not killed by his brother itachi.

however that doesn't mean that him and itachi are the last remaining members of the uchiha family it turns out there is more family members than we know.

anyway staying on the subject sasuke is one of the members in team 7 (kakashi's team) he has black hair and well doesn't have one of the most inviting attitudes hes the guy that sakura and well pretty much most of the girls in the leaf village are extremely falling for.

hes also the guy that tends to mention every now and again that he wants to kill his brother to avenge his clan and he tends to think he is above everybody.......

well until he eventually realises how strong naruto is becoming then he goes to orochimaru seeking for more power as he feels he is being left behind and at that rate he will never achieve his goal of killing his brother

i know that's alot of information but he is one of the main characters in the show I'm kind of surprises you don't know him anyway hes not a character you can just give a quick summery of sorry if its too much reading for you :)