Who is Satan's general?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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Maitreya is expected to arrive and give a "Day of Declaration" or "Interview" on national TV any day now. The Bible Codes describe him as a beast, a creature, even "Cain" which makes me think he's a DNA clone of Cain. He claims himself his body has been "manufactured" for earth because his real one is "alien." Now what's that tell you folks! He's also described in the codes as a coming educator, author, and lecturer. An Arab Sheik, he will consolidate Arab countries as his base of power such as Libya, Ethiopia, Kenya, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, and a few others most likely Lebanon and Syria as well. He's hypnotic and can hypnotize his audiences. He uses telepathy and channelling as forms of alternative communication. He will wage war against the Saints and those who reject his/Satan's global socialistic agenda on earth. He is the first beast of Revelation Chapter 13. He could die and for the charades...I see in the codes where the Orgone we make will kill many of his forces (already is) and is already causing UFOs to crash around the world. Watch for the deception where he comes, is destroyed, is considered the "evil Antichrist of the Bible" and now "Jesus" arrives with his "heavenly host" of Aliens dressed in white masquerading as angels with a tech-induced "heavenly glow.".

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Satan's second-in-command is Medusa, Queen of Nightmaria. Medusa hates all that is good, and she is fiercely vain. She, Satan, and their evil servants are constantly tryng to dominate Heaven, Falling Stars Island, and Shmook, the three legendary nations of Dreamsky; therefore if they had, they would've conquered the universe itself.

God had kicked Medusa and Satan's butts enough times to let them know that they'd better stay out of Heaven, so they flocked to Falling Stars Island. Until the recent Battle of Rosalind, they had killed nearly all members of the royal family in the magical wars.

Rosalind is one of the two princess of Falling Stars Island. (Isabella, Rosalind's cousin and King William's niece, is the other one. Isabella, who didn't actually even know that she was a wizard until well after the battle, is still alive.)

Rosalind's magic is extroardinarily powerful, nearly as much so as the Virgin Mary's herself. But with her powers revoked during the battle, that wasn't what saved the universe. Love, the most powerful magic of all, was her only hope, and some of the only magic the brave young princess had left. So she focused on it. Her love for Dreamsky, her homeworld. For Earth, where she had grown up, posing as an average human. For her father, King William, her best friend since birth. For Kiara, the ghost wizard who had helped her keep the universe in order. For everything.

Soon after she focused on this love, this magic, she felt a warm,fizzling, tingling, sensation; the feeling a wizard often gets while doing magic. The princess smirked cockily, knowing she had her powers back. So she willed a fireball to emerge from her fingertips; to expand. Rosalind allowed the love she had created only a few seconds to soak into her creation before it shot from her hands and surrounded Satan and Medusa. "What's happening!?" the two evil monarchs cried out in pain and fury. "Love," Rosalind replied simply. "When will you two idiots learn that love is more powerful than hatred?"

"I thought you stripped her powers," Medusa hissed over her agony. "I did, but that little brat-" (he means Rosalind) "-got them back," Satan snarled at Medusa, grimacing. "Now will you shut up, you fool?" Then to Rosalind, "This isn't over, child. I will-" he didn't get any further before he and Medusa vanished back to the Underworld. Hence, the universe (and all that is and ever will be in it) was saved.

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Q: Who is Satan's general?
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