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DeAndre Cortez Way (stage name Soulja Boy) is a 21 year old,

American rapper. He began his career in 2007, with after he gained popularity on YouTube.

The rapper has since released two more studio albums and has a

fourth upcoming.

Before he reached the age of 18, Soulja Boy Tell Em (born DeAndre

Way; originally Soulja Boy until copyright issues interfered) was

already an ambitious artist and a seasoned businessman, wielding

all the hitmaking requirements: producer, live entertainer, and an

ability to write catchy hooks. Born in 1990 in Chicago, IL, Way

moved from the Windy City down to Atlanta when he was six years

old, but then went to live with his father in Batesville, MS, at

age 14. In Mississippi, the young entertainer found all the various

connections to seriously pursue a musical career, including the aid

of his father, who provided a recording studio. After the success

of spreading his music through the Internet in 2004 and

establishing his Stacks on Deck Entertainment label, he moved back

to Atlanta to pursue industry leads and to get his feet wet doing

live performances. Shortly thereafter, he was discovered by Atlanta

producer Mr. Collipark (Ying Yang Twins, Bubba Sparxxx, Young

Jeezy), who helped launch Soulja Boy Tell Em from a local sensation

to a national mover and shaker -- and it was all largely due to the

Internet. His MySpace page broke the site's records and generated

millions of views. Affiliated with Interscope via Collipark's

Collipark Music imprint, Soulja Boy Tell Em gradually rose to

number one on the pop charts with his snap-dance hit single "Crank

Dat (Soulja Boy)" in 2007. By the end of the year the track landed

on his debut album,

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