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Stephanie Meyer is an American author best known for writing the Twilight series, a popular young adult vampire-themed romance novel series. Meyer's books have been adapted into successful films.

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Stephanie Myers is the author of the Twilight saga books.

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Q: Who is Stephanie Myers?
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What has the author Stephanie Ann Myers written?

Stephanie Ann Myers has written: 'Electrochemistry in microheterogeneous solutions --microemulsions' -- subject(s): Emulsions, Electrochemical analysis

Who is mike lupica's favorite author?

Stephanie Myers

New Moon's by Stephanie Myers protagonist?

Bella Swan is the protagonist.

Does stephine Myers have a nickname?

Yes, Stephanie Meyer is sometimes known by the nickname "Stephenie."

Who will be playing Tia in Breaking Dawn?

Jodie Rivera. Stephanie Myers discovered her on Youtube as "venetianprincess" and requested her for the part.

How many siblings does stephine Myers have?

She has five siblings: Seth, Emily, Jacob, Paul and Heidi. PS. Its Stephanie Meyer.

What was Stephanie Myers doing on the twlilgkt movie?

She was in the diner, ordering a garden burger. Its the second time they show Bella and Charlie in the diner.

Is there another movie after breaking dawn part one and two?

Nope. Breaking Dawn is the last book in Stephanie Myers's series.

What is a story writer's name?

A story writer is called an author. Some popular author names are Stephanie Myers, Rick Riordan and Erin Hunter.

Has Stephanie Myers met a prophet?

i don't thing so its very rare to meet a prophet even if she wrote a book that's now a movie

Is stephinie Myers lds?

Yes. Stephanie Meyers, the author of the Twilight book series, is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Will Stephanie Myers do Edward Cullen version of new moon?

No, she didn't finish making Midnight Sun, so.. you'll have to wait for her answers. Chake out her page