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she didn't finish making Midnight Sun, so.. you'll have to wait for her answers.

Chake out her page

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Q: Will Stephanie Myers do Edward Cullen version of new moon?
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Who played in the movie twilight?

if your talking about the book by Stephanie Myers twilight then in the movie the actors are Kristen Stewart-Bella swanrobert pattinson-Edward Cullen well those are the main characterss

Does edward die in the third twilight movie?

now do u think Stephanie Myers would do that to us???? no Edward Cullen does not die in the third twilight movie eclipse but it is a close call in the fourth one breaking dawn for the whole family but of coarse there is a happy ending

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What is Stephanie Myers new book?

Stephenie Meyer's new book is "Midnight Sun," a retelling of the first book in the "Twilight" series from Edward Cullen's perspective. It was released in August 2020.

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Is it true that there is a book called midnight sun?

Yes, it is by Stephanie Myers. It is NOT in the Twilight Saga though.It should be. It is twilight (the first book) from Edward's point of view. I HATE JACOB BLACK !

New Moon's by Stephanie Myers protagonist?

Bella Swan is the protagonist.

What has the author Edward Myers written?

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Who is Stephanie Myers?

Stephanie Meyer is an American author best known for writing the Twilight series, a popular young adult vampire-themed romance novel series. Meyer's books have been adapted into successful films.

Does stephine Myers have a nickname?

Yes, Stephanie Meyer is sometimes known by the nickname "Stephenie."