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Green Arrow is a DC comic hero that was created in 1941. He dresses as Robin Hood and can do about anything related to Archery, and he never misses a shot. He is a millionaire from Star City.Oliver Queen.

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Q: Who is The Green Arrow?
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Who is better green arrow or hawkeye?

Green arrow

What is a narrative of Hawkeye vs Green Arrow?

Hawkeye saw Green Arrow with Loki, Thor's brother. Hawkeye and Thor went to fight Loki. But they saw that Green Arrow was helping. "That's enough, green arrow man, you give up working with Loki." Thor threatened. "Justice is served, Thor." Green Arrow said. Green Arrow knocked Thor out. Hawkeye defeated Loki but Green Arrow struck him in the arm with an arrow. "Give up! I am Hawkeye." Hawkeye yelled. "Well, you are a crusader. You give up!" Green Arrow taunted. They began fighting. Hawkeye saw that Thor came back. "I remember you, Arrow boy! I am Thor!" Thor taunted. "And I am Green Arrow. You want to know about me?" Green Arrow teased. Thor took revenge for Odin. He killed Green Arrow and put Loki to jail.

Who plays the green arrow on Smallville?

Justin Hartley plays the GREEN ARROW!

Can you turn left after yielding to oncoming traffic if you have a red left arrow or do you have to wait for a green arrow?

A red left arrow means you can't go. You need a green arrow or a green light.

When a traffic light shows both a red light in a green arrow in the direction you wish to turn you?

If the green arrow shows for the direction you want to turn then you obey the green arrow, the red light is for all other traffic. The green arrow basically overrules the red light for the direction of the arrow.

Is Green Arrow a Marvel comics character?

No. Green Arrow is a DC Comics character.

What is the difference between Green Lantern and the Green Arrow?

The Green Arrow uses arrows and The Green Lantern uses magic ring full of powers.

Does the green arrow turn into the green lantern?


Who would win in a fight Green Lantern or the Green Arrow?

green lantern because green lantern can think of any thing and it comes out of the ring. will green arrow can just shoot arrows

Can green arrow beat the green lantern?

in my opinion no

What does A green arrow showing with red traffic lights mean?

The green arrow is what is often known as a "filter." This means vehicles are permitted to proceed with caution in the direction indicated by the arrow.

List of titles that use green in it?

Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Green Lama, and Green Hornet.

How can you make a green arrow costume?

green cloth sow together tadaa

Who would win in a fight green arrow?

Green lantern

Who is green arrow's greatest enemy?

Roy Harper A.K.A Red arrow

What does a green light and a green left arrow mean?

A green light and a green left arrow means it is safe for cars to go straight ahead AND turn left. Typically what happens is either the green left arrow comes first before the green light which means only the cars who wish to turn left can proceed but the cars wishing to go straight ahead must wait. Or in a different case the green light and the green left arrow will turn green at the same time but usually in most cases the green left arrow is there for a shorter period of time then the green light. Say the green left arrow turns yellow and then the left arrow disappears but the green light still remains. This means you can drive straight ahead BUT you can still turn left if the left arrow is gone and the green arrow is still there. However, in this case when the green left arrow goes away and the green light is still there the light turns green for the cars coming in the opposite direction so you have to wait your turn and make sure no cars ae there and then you may proceed left. As the cars from the opposite direction have more right of way.Hope this helps.

What does a green arrow mean?

A green arrow means that (assuming the traffic lights are not malfunctioning) it is safe to turn in the direction of the arrow, if you are in the correct lane. This is different from simply a green light, which means you may turn (if the green light is for the turn lane) but you must yield to oncoming traffic.

Green Lantern vs Green Arrow who would win?

Now this is where things get difficult. Yes Green Lanturn can manifest anything he thinks of but on the other hand Green Arrow has an arrow for everything. My vote goes to Green Lanturn because he could create a simple spear and pierce Green Arrows' torso.

Who was Green Lantern's partner?

Green Lantern's sidekick was "Hal Jordan's Venutian helper." He was a little boy from Venus named Kairo

Are there amber left turn arrow lights?

Yes, I have seen them in various locations but usually only at high-volume intersections, and then - only when the left turn FOLLOWS the green bulls-eye.More: Every green arrow is required to be ended with a yellow arrow. Only if the green and arrow always end at the same time can a circular yellow end a green arrow.

What does the green arrow with red light mean?

A green arrow showing same time as a red light proceed carefully in the direction of the arrow after yielding the right-of-way to other vehicles and perdestrians

Can Batman green arrow?


Is green arrow a rare book?


Who was the second avenger?

green arrow

What does a green arrow mean on a intersection?

Traffic is allowed to proceed in the direction the arrow is pointing