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he is a family friend of the Strorms in the book chrysalids

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Q: Who is Uncle Axel in The Chrysalids?
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What was the true image of god according to uncle axel in the chrysalids?

Uncle Axel does not specify a particular image for God. He believes that ' nobody really knows what is the true image'.

What was uncle Axel's disability in The Chrysalids?

He has a crippled leg. Not through mutation, obviously, or he wouldn't be allowed in the community.

In the Chrysalids what pages does David question the validity of the definition of man?

Page 63 is where Uncle Axel tells David why he told him about the other people in the world. He tells him about how no one really knows what the true image is.

Where is there hope in the Chrysalids?

I think there is hope in Uncle Axel's relationship with David. David trusts him, and uncle Axel doesn't betray that trust. I think there is hope in David's relationship with Sophie as well. Sophie trusts David, and David doesn't betray her. There is hope in the bond between the telepaths. They communicate and support each other. ... There is some hope in the communication with Zealand. A lot of hope for the telepaths, but none for uncle axel or anyone on the fringe. No hope that the world will change... just hope that the telepaths have found a place to belong.

Who is the Narrator in The Chrysalids?

David Strorm - Sophie Wender -Joseph Strorm - Uncle Axel -Petra Strorm - Rosalind Morton -The Sealand woman - the telepathsMichael & Rachel .

Is uncle axel rosalind's dad?

Uncle Axel is David's uncle. However, he is not related to David because he just married one of David's mother's sisters named Elizabeth.

Who are all the characters in the chrysalids?

David, Sophie, Joseph Strorm, Elias Strorm, Aunt Harriet, Mary, Rosalind, Michael, anne, Alan Ervin, Uncle Axel, Henry,Rachel,Sealand Womanthat's all i knoww, there must me plenty more.all i know is that their are more than 20 realtives

Who is grauben in journey to the center of the earth?

She is the god-daughter of Axel's uncle and Axel loved her very much because of her beauty.

When was The Chrysalids created?

The Chrysalids was created in 1955.

What is the ISBN of The Chrysalids?

The ISBN of The Chrysalids is 0-14-001308-3.

What about Alan in the chrysalids novel?

Alan betrayed Sophie, married one of the telepaths, and was planning on blackmailing all of them. He was killed by David's uncle.

What are the answers for the Chrysalids chapter 10?

Well firstly, what are the questions to the Chrysalids Chapter 13?