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Who is Veronika Zemanova?

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Veronika Zemanova is a glamour model. She has appeared in several high end fashion magazines such as Vogue. She was born in the Czech Republic.

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When was Veronika Zemanova born?

Veronika Zemanova was born on April 14, 1975, in Ceske Budejovice, Czechoslovakia [now Czech Republic].

What movie and television projects has Veronika Zemanova been in?

Veronika Zemanova has: Played herself in "Veronika Zemanova" in 2002. Played herself in "Erotic Idols" in 2002. Performed in "May Girls of IVOLT" in 2002. Played herself in "Naughty Pinups" in 2002. Played Nadia in "The Ball" in 2003. Played Herself - Covergirl in "Hot Body: Pajama Playtime" in 2003. Played herself in "Hot Body Quick Strips: Blondes Tease, Brunettes Please" in 2004. Performed in "FHM Adult Entertainment 2006" in 2005. Performed in " Volume 1" in 2005. Performed in " Volume 4" in 2007. Performed in " Volume 5" in 2008.

Who is the redhead actress in the bathing suit in the deadly women commercial running so much right now on ID Discovery channel?

She bears a striking resemblence to model Veronika Zemanova.

Is veronca zemanova lesbian?


How tall is Veronika Zemanova?

Veronika Zemanova is 5'6" according to most of the statistics. but, you never know for sure online. They have missed her country of origin, date of birth, sexual preference, on and on. I am wondering what happend to her website a few months ago. Someone on a blog said she was in a bad riding accident. (?) She seems to have withdrawn from Twitter. Others have said, it is not her blogging on another sight. I don't know what to believe anymore, unless she just wants privacy and wants to concentrate on her animal shelter work. If anyone knows for sure, information about her would be greatly appreciated. I had some artwork I wanted to send to her at her website.

What is the birth name of Veronika Machova?

Veronika Machova's birth name is Veronika Krizanova.

What is the birth name of Veronika Dash?

Veronika Dash's birth name is Veronika Nedashkovskaya.

What is the birth name of Veronika Hadrava?

Veronika Hadrava's birth name is Veronika Hadravova.

What is the birth name of Veronika Neugebauer?

Veronika Neugebauer's birth name is Veronika Aryana Neugebauer.

What is the birth name of Veronika Izotova?

Veronika Izotova's birth name is Izotova, Veronika Eduardovna.

What is the birth name of Veronika Buzhinskaya?

Veronika Buzhinskaya's birth name is Buzhinskaya, Veronika Stanislavovna.

How do you spell the name Veronika in Hebrew?

Veronika = ורוניקה

When was Veronika Krausas born?

Veronika Krausas was born in 1963.

When was Veronika Hyks born?

Veronika Hyks was born in 1951.

When was Veronika Chvojková born?

Veronika Chvojková was born in 1987.

When was Veronika Cherkasova born?

Veronika Cherkasova was born in 1959.

When did Veronika Cherkasova die?

Veronika Cherkasova died in 2004.

When was Veronika Poláčková born?

Veronika Poláčková was born in 1982.

When was Veronika Vítková born?

Veronika Vítková was born in 1988.

When was Veronika Dolina born?

Veronika Dolina was born in 1956.

When was Veronika Žilková born?

Veronika Žilková was born in 1961.

When was Veronika Sabolová born?

Veronika Sabolová was born in 1980.

How tall is Veronika Lindnerova?

Veronika Lindnerova is 5' 8".

How tall is Veronika London?

Veronika London is 5' 4".

How tall is Veronika Mudra?

Veronika Mudra is 175 cm.

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