Who is WWE aj lee friend in WWE?

Updated: 12/6/2022
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Q: Who is WWE aj lee friend in WWE?
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Who is aj lee WWE friend?


What is WWE aj lee religion?

aj lee is a catholic

Is aj lee a lesbian?

No. Her boy friend is Jay Lethal, he is also her coach.

What is wwe diva aj lee bra size?

WWE diva, AJ Lee has a bra size of 30B. In 2012, AJ Lee won the Diva of the Year award for WWE.

Is WWE aj Lee single?


Why did WWE layla protray kaitlyin to get with aj lee?

she did that because aj had persaude layla to help her beat kaitlyn and not be her friend. and all kaitlyn do is just chase the divas championship and layla feels lonely so she is with aj lee

Is aj lee form WWE a lesbian?

AJ Lee is married to Phil Brooks AKA CM Punk.

Did AJ Lee quited WWE?

No she retired

What phone does WWE aj lee have?

I phone

Is aj lee crazy?

yes she is so hot that your body will burn {taishaun}

Who is the lightest WWE diva?

The lightest WWE Diva is AJ Lee

Who is WWE diva aj lee dating?

She is married to wwe superstar cm punk.