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Zita is a student from the province that shares the name of someone she used to love. She ends up falling for Mr. Reteche, her teacher.

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Q: Who is Zita in Zita by Arturo Rotor?
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Who are the characters of zita by arturo rotor?


The theme of Zita by Arturo Rotor?

i think the theme for the story of zita by arturo rotor was,,"unrequited love"

What is the setting in 'Zita' by Arturo B Rotor?


Plot of zita by arturo rotor?

Zita by Arturo Rotor is about a brokenhearted teacher who comes to the land on Anayat. He teaches a young woman named Zita how to be a lady and as she falls in love with him she also learns about unrequited love.

What is a summary of 'Zita' by Arturo B Rotor?

Zita is a short story written by Arturo B. Rotor in 1930. The story is about a young girl who falls in love with her teacher who shows her how to be a lady.

Literary analysis of Zita by Arturo Rotor?


Summary of Zita by Arturo Rotor?

"Zita" is about a teacher who comes to Anayat to teach with a broken heart. One of the young ladies he is teaching falls in love with him.

What is the climax of zita?

what symbol is zita by arturo b

Characters in the story zita-arturo b rotor?

'Zita' is a short story written by Philippine writer Arturo B. Rotor. Its main characters are Mr. Reteche, an educated man who comes to a small village to be a teacher, Don Eliodoro, the man who lodge Mr. Reteche temporarily in his house and Zita, a young woman, daughter of Don Eliodoro, who becomes a student of Mr. Reteche and eventually falls in love with him.

When was Arturo Belleza Rotor born?

Arturo Belleza Rotor was born in 1907.

When did Arturo Belleza Rotor die?

Arturo Belleza Rotor died in 1988.

Who is Arturo Rotor for dahong palay?

arturo rotor was the author of the dahong palay

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