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Q: What is the setting in 'Zita' by Arturo B Rotor?
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What is a summary of 'Zita' by Arturo B Rotor?

Zita is a short story written by Arturo B. Rotor in 1930. The story is about a young girl who falls in love with her teacher who shows her how to be a lady.

What has the author Arturo B Rotor written?

Arturo B. Rotor has written: 'Dahong Palay'

What is the main point of the story Zita?

the main point of this story is Zita is going on a long journey to find his long lost parents!!1

What is the climax of dahong palay by arturo b rotor?

Because of the gravity of the earth

What has the author Arturo B Pellerano Castro written?

Arturo B. Pellerano Castro has written: 'Criollas'

Characters in zita by Arturo B Rotor?

Zita is about a brokenhearted teacher who comes to the land of Anayat. From the minute Mr. Reteche steps on the shores of Anayat, his lonesomeness is apparent for the villagers. He comes across Zita, the innocent province girl who who coincidentally has the same name as her past lover. Zita becomes fond of her gloomy teacher and soon grew keen and observant with his actions. Mr. Reteche was saddest whenever a certain mail arrives: a letter enveloped in a blue. Zita's father asks Mr. Reteche to teach his daughter how to be 'a lady'. He agrees and teaches her how to dress, act and dance like a city lady. One day he told Zita to dress accordingly as he will teach her a Spanish dance. She does so and manages to show up like a true lady. She dances dreamily with her teacher, but Mr. Reteche doesnt show any affection towards her. Their dance was paused by a Turong, a messenger, who hands him a blue envelope. But he tore the letter into pieces. She asks him why he tears it when he will only pick them up and put it together. Then he explains that soon she will someday understand. After a while, Zita realizes that her teacher will soon go. on the day that he will depart, she tried to be in her very best. She was well dressed, and made-up. she waited impatiently for her teacher to come by her house and bid her farewell. soon Turong arrives and gives her a letter. She opened the window and sees Mr. Reteche's silhoutte disappearing, but was quite sure he was looking at her. suddenly she realizes that the letter she was holding, she was unaware she had torn apart... slowly... painfully... she picks them up and put it all together.

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