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Q: Who is a Russian scientist who discovered a set of patterns that applied to all elements?
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How was theobromine discovered?

Theobromine was discovered in 1841 by a Russian scientist by the name of Alexander Woskresensky.

When discovered was brain?

Brain cancer was first discovered by Russian scientist Gupta Longati in 1873

When was Brain cancer discovered?

Brain cancer was first discovered by Russian scientist Gupta Longati in 1873

Who is dmitri mendelev?

Dmitri Mendelev was a Russian scientist who created the first modern periodic table of elements.

Who is rutheford?

Rutherford was a famous Russian scientist who discovered nucleus in chemistry. his full name was lord ernest Rutherford

Who arranged the periodic table according to increase in atomic weights?

Dmitri Mendeleev, a Russian scientist. He arranged cards in atomic weight order and noticed patterns (periods). This resulted in him being able to guess which elements were missing and complete the periodic table.

What is it called when all elements are organized into periods and groups?

It's called the periodic table of the elements. Next question... Which clever Russian discovered it? -firstmate-

Did an English scientist create the first periodic table of elements?

No. A Russian chemist by the name of Dmitry Mendeelev is generally credited with the first Periodic Table of Elements, in 1869.

What is the scientific name for a yeti?

Kiwa hirsuta. It was discovered in March of 2005 by a Russian scientist.

When was oxygen made on the period talbe?

In 1872 the first periodic table of elements was published by a Russian scientist called Dmitri Mendeleev, this table included oxygen as well. The element oxygen was discovered around 1774 by Joseph Priestley in Wiltshire and Carl Wilhelm Scheele in Uppsala.

What did the Russian scientist Mendeleev create the periodic table?

your question does not make sense. your question does not make sense.

Who the father of the periodic table as well as used his table to predict the discovery and properties of elements?

This scientist is the Russian chemist Dimitri Mendeleev.