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In some cases it can be religion. I know for a fact that in Utah, the Mormons don't allow the public schools to teach any form of Birth Control other than abstinence.

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Q: Who is against sex education in schools?
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How would you take a stand for teen pregnancy?

Introduce and or enhance sex education in schools

Who goes to Catholic schools?

Mostly children of parents who want their children to receive a stellar education without all of the horrific explicit sex education and other nonsense that passes for education in modern secular schools.

Why do you have Catholic schools?

To give Catholic children a stellar education in an atmosphere conducive to practicing their faith; while sparing them the secular indoctrination and revolting "sex education" that they would be given in public schools.

What did conservative religious groups campaign against?

Some sex-education courses

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What is the advantages of single sex school?

Single sex schools such as boarding schools eliminate the social interaction leading to a sexual relationship that deviates time from studying. One sacrifices potential romantic endeavors for a more strict and thorough education.

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Is Sex Education taught in US schools?

It was taught to me in my senior year of high school. It was part of my health class. In my state sex ed is part of health class in middle school. It

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