Who is an honest saint?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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All saints were honest. If they were dishonest they would not be saints.

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Q: Who is an honest saint?
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Who is the patron saint of honesty?

The Patron Saint Index lists no particular saint assigned the patron saint of honesty. All saints were honest.

Who is a Catholic Saint who is honest and moral?

Saint Thomas More is known for his honesty and moral integrity. He was a devout Catholic who served as Lord Chancellor of England and remained true to his beliefs, even in the face of political pressure and ultimately martyrdom for refusing to compromise his conscience.

Was Saint Matthew honest?

He was probably not very honest when he worked as a tax collector for the Romans. Tax collectors were renowned as being dishonest. However, he changed once he became an apostle.

Who did Saint Patrick's homework?

St. Patrick was quite religious and honest so, if he had homework, he did it by himself, perhaps with the help of his parents. His mother

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Prefix for honest?


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