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kanishka sahil he is so important person

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Q: Who is an important person from World War 1?
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Who was an important person in world war 2?

#1 Adolf Hitler

Who was the most important person in World War 1?

france Ferdidnand because his assassnation started the war

Who was World War 1?

World War 1 was not a person! what r u askin

Who was important during World War 1?

The Women were very important during World War one.

Who is the most important World War 1 person?

arch-duke because his assassination started the war Woodrow Wilson, mata hari, and more.

Why is gallipoli important?

because it is were World War 1 was held

What are the important events in World War 1?

one of the most important events in world war one is getting to gallipoli

What was the important cause of World War I?

The important cause of world war 1 was the gverment and the need for power the germans had and the bad goverment

Why was World War 1 important to Australia?


Which cause of World War 1 is when a person believes a person believed his country was the best?

I believe you are talking about "Nationalism" which is the belief that one's nation is the best or most important.

Why was World War I important to World War 2?

world war 1 was important because the treaty of Versailles was made which Hitler thought was unfair...also Hitler wanted revenge

How is World War I differ from earlier wars?

its differ bc world war 1 was more important