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If there is no other vehicle involved in the accident, then the only person who can be At Fault is the underage driver.

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Q: Who is at fault if an underage driver wrecks a car and no other car is involved in the accident?
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What happens if an underage driver takes his friend car and wrecks the car?

The underaged driver's parents are responsible for the damage to the car.

If an uninsured driver wrecks the car of an insured driver is the uninsured driver still responsible?

If the accident was caused by the uninsured driver than the uninsured driver is definitely still responsible.

Can you file a lawsuit against the state if an uninsured motorist wrecks your vehicle?

No. The state is not responsible for the accident or the driver. You can file suit against the uninsured motorist.

Do teens have more wrecks than adults?

No, for the simple fact that there are a considerable amount more adult drivers than there are teens. But if the question is asking whether a teenage driver is more likely to have an accident than an adult driver that's is a tougher question.

If an underage driver with a permit wrecks another person's car whose insurance is responsible?

If the permitted driver was issued a violation then they are clearly at fault. The insurer of the vehicle he is driving has the primary liability, no fault states have special rules for the recovery of damages. If there is no insurance then the title holder of the vehicle the premitted driver was driving is liable, they may be able to recover from the minors parents.

Has there been anyone famous who lost their life in a train accident?

There haven't been any reported celebrities who have been involved in train accidents. Plane crashes and car wrecks seem to be more common for famous people.

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Seventeen unlicensed driver takes car without permission and wrecks it what will he be charged with and who is responsible for the damages?

Are you sure that that's driver and not just a queer example of nondriver? Yes I am sure it is driver

What happens to a drunk driver that wrecks and his passenger dies?

The driver should be charged with manslaughter or vehicular homicide, depends on the laws of the state and what the prosecutor charges the driver with. It's very serious and carries jail time.

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Can weapon manufacturers be sued for the misuse of their weapons?

The Supreme Court has said no. Can Ford be sued for car wrecks caused by driver's stupidity or carelessness?

Can professional truck driver use cell phone while driving?

no because they can cause wrecks they should only use ear peices

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