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It depends on how the insurance companies of each driver sees it. You both could be charged with "undue care and attention", or the person backing out did so in a hurry and hit you, it would be their fault. If they hit you on the side any part of your car such as a back fender (meaning you were well out of your stall and they just backed into you) it's their fault.


In many state jurisdictions, such as Georgia, police are required on the scene. Although, many time an incident such as this occurs on private property and a police officer is unable to issue a citation. However, they can issue a police report of the incident. many times this is used by insurance companies to establish fault. If fault cannot be established then each insurer would default to their own coverage.

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Q: Who is at fault if both vehicles are backing out of a space in a parking lot and the cars were in same row 1 car away from another and you had almost completed backing out when vehicle backed into you?
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Who is at fault when someone backs up in a parking lot to let another car out of parking space and ends up hitting a car behind who is backing out of a parking space?

Depends on the jurisdiction, but typically, two vehicles backing up is a 50/50.

Who is responsible when backing out in a parking lot?

The person who is backing out of the parking space

Who is at fault if backing out of a parking lot space and another vehicle behind you is also backing out?

both of you for not looking back

Who is at fault if a car backs out of a spot into a car in the lane waiting for another parking spot?

the car backing out.

Who is at fault in a parking lot if you back up and someone hits you?

You are at fault. You are backing out of a space and you must yield the right of way to the other vehicles traveling in the aisle.

What do parking sensors in a vehicle do?

Parking sensors are for the driver to be able to tell a proximity of other vehicles and objects around the car. This is a helpful tool if backing out of tight spaces and places that have a lot of things scattered around the vehicle.

Who is at fault when a person is pulling out of a parking spot and going slowly using caution and a car traveling the parking lot collide?

A vehicle traveling in a parking lot has established use of the lane and the right of way. A vehicle in a parking space and backing into the lane must yield to oncoming traffic. Therefore, if a vehicle is backing out of a parking space and pulls into the path of an oncoming vehicle that has already established the lane, the vehicle backing would be at fault for the accident. However, if the vehicle which established use of the lane had an opportunity to avoid hitting the vehicle backing out of the space and failed to do so, there could be comparative negligence on both vehicles or on the one who had the opportunity to avoid the accident.

Who is at fault in a car accident when you're backing out of your parking space slowing and she is backing out of her space My right side back bumper hits her left side back bumper?

Both of you are probably at fault. If you see another person backing you should stop and signal the other driver if possible. Otherwise stop and wait until that driver completes his backing maneuver.Added: It is the obligation of the backing driver to ascertain that his movement does not interfere with any other vehicles. In this instance, you both apparently failed to do so.

If you are 3-4th out of the parking spot and hit another car with on the left front and rear doors who is at fault?

You are. Improper backing.

Who is at fault when a truck backing out of a parking space hits another car that stopped behind it as it was backing out in order to allow a friend to get into the car?

it is not the trucks falt because the carstopped behind the truck when they new it was pulling out

Who is at fault when someone who is backing out of a parking lot space hits your side?

The person backing out. If you were in the lane/road behind them they needed to use caution when backing out.

Who is at fault when one car is backing out of a parking place and is hit by one in the street?

The car that is reversing out of the parking.

Who is at fault when someone backs into you from a parking space?

The person backing out.

Who is at fault when you are backing into a parking lot space?

Any time the driver who is backing is at fault, in all 50 states.

What causes a knocking sound when backing a car?

If it only happens when backing up, you may have the parking brake engaged.

Who is at fault while Backing into a parking space in a lot and struck by a vehicle?

The person at fault would be the one backing into a parking space. Because they are going to look at it as, your supposed to pull into the parking space front first, not backing in. So it would be your fault. But I'm sure that both of you would get a ticket or something else, because they hit you, and you are violating parking lot conduct.

Owners of large fleets of vehicles require their driver to?

back their vehicles into parking spaces to assist in ease of leaving the parking lot.

What is parlaying light in vehicles?

there are no such things in vehicles - must have mistaken for "parking lights", which are used when parking in a dark/shaded street after dusk

What type of parking is allowed for all vehicles except trailers?

flush parking or un reserved parking

Who is at fault in a car accident when you're backing out your parking and hes parked in a no parking zone?

If you strike him - you are at fault. He can be charged with the No Parking violation but YOU are charged with the collision.

Is the west Edmonton mall parking space big?

It has parking for 20,000 vehicles.

Where is the Yukon parking brake release?

On the newer vehicles, you push the parking brake down to release the parking brake. Older vehicles have a release handle on the lower left side of the dashboard.

If you were parked in a parking space and you back out of your spot and while you are still backing out of it another car backs into you That is their fault right?

Generally, the person backing out is at fault. If you are both backing out you're probably both at fault and will probably share the cost of repair, with each repairing their own. yes because you were backing out and they hit your car its their fault!!!!!!! yes because you were backing out and they hit your car its their fault!!!!!!!

How can you know when to stop backing your vehicle to avoid hitting a curb?

You need to practice backing up slowly in a deserted place with a curb that is out of the way of other moving vehicles, perhaps the outer limits of a mall parking lot. Repeated practice will give you a sense of when your car is near the curb.

Who is at fault if a car is backing out of a parking space and a car cutting through the parking lot to avoid traffic gets hit?

The driver backing up. Unless you can prove the other car was driving unsafly.