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The person who crossed the line (whether stopped or not) is at fault. The other vehicle may not have had a chance to switch lanes in time and cannot be expected to pay for damages when they were just driving in their own lane. Either way, the police determine the fault since they are there to investigate and we, here at faqfarm, are not.

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Q: Who is at fault if two vehicles side swipe one another when the vehicle on the right side has crossed the centre lane but is stopped?
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If you rear ended a car and then it rear ended another car and that car hit another car who is at fault for each car?

If you rear end a stopped vehicle, which is pushed into another stopped vehicle and then that into another, you would be responsible for all of the vehicles.

If someone crosses lanes and hits another vehicle whom is stopped who is at fault?

The one who crossed lanes. As in driving without due care and attention, reckless endangerment, assault with a motor vehicle etc,.

What is the definition of unsafe movement of a stopped motor vehicle?

If there ios a person, another vehicle or a large object blocking the forward movement of the vehicle it wold be unsafe to move stopped vehicle.

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When coming to a stop behind another vehicle stop at least how many feet behind the vehicle in front of you?

Usually, on non-commercial or low occupancy vehicles (passenger cars), there is no posted minimum stopping distance. You can bring your car as close to the stopped vehicle as safely possible, and not be in violation of anything. On some industrial vehicles and most high occupancy vehicles (buses) there is a waning sign on the rear bumper that says, "Stay Back X# Feet." When approaching a vehicle that has a similar warning label, try to stop that distance behind the vehicle.

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