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The person who rear-ended the stalled car is At Fault. As a driver you are always required to be able to stop your car for the most unexpected situation. This means that if you need to slow down going around a corner because you never know what might be in the middle of the road then that is what you do.

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Q: Who is at fault if you hit a car from behind that was stopped with a flat tire on the fast lane after a curve?
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Who is at fault if the driver from behind hits your rear bumper while waiting at a fast food drive through parking lot?

This depends on the situation, but if you were stationary, not moving and he hit you, he would be at fault. In most cases if the other motorist hits you from behind it is his fault, as you must maintain full control of your vehicle at all times, and if he hit you from behind, that was not the case.

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Who is at fault if you was stopped in traffic and was hit in the rear-end by another vehicle?

the person that hit u in the rear is at fault for failur to keep there car under control now if u stopped really fast and there was nothing to do its ur fault but the police still give the other guy the ticket for failur to keep there car under control inless u get a nice cop then nobody gets a ticket

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Who is fault is at fault when you are turning right and a car behind hits you because they are coming to fast behind you?

Assuming you have signalled in good time that you are turning right,most would agree that the fault lies with the car behind-who should have left enough distance to slow down. This happened to a friend of mine-the other driver lied and said that he did not signal,and changed lanes without warning.He was a convincing liar and won the case.So take nothing for granted-even basic facts can be dsputed.

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What should you do if a car hits you from behind when you have had to brake suddenly?

you should report the accident to yours and the other drivers insurance company...typcially no matter how fast you had to stop they driver behind you must maintain a distance to be able to stop from hitting you .... thus being deemed neglient/liable/at fault for the accident

Can you be At Fault if you stopped over the white line at intersection and got rear ended?

No, don't think you would be held the majority at fault, and doubt would be any liability assessed to you. The vehicle behind you has a duty to not be driving too fast to ensure he can stop short of any obstruction in the road. If you could give me more details surrounding the facts of loss I could be of greater assistance, if the insurance company has or does deny your claim, please let me know the exact reason for their denial and I'm sure I can point you in the right direction.

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Usually their is no fault associated with parking lots. I'm sure your insurance company looks at it as your fault.

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