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Who is at fault when an accident occurred when you hit a pile of rocks that covered half the street and you hit it and caused damage to your car?


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no one is At Fault it was an accident/ not enough information to determine if it was human error or car error

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Auto insurance covers damage caused during an accident. If the engine is damaged during an accident that's covered. If it's damaged for any other reason then that isn't covered.

If the damage occurred during the accident in question, then it should.

The repair of damage caused to your car when you caused the accident

No. This is something that you did on purpose and the damage is not caused by a "covered cause" under the terms of the policy. Generally it must be damage caused by one of the covered causes and must be sudden and accidental.

An accident is an event that was unexpected and unintended. An injury is damage to the body or property, often caused by an accident.

Coverage depends on what caused the damage and when the damage occurred. If a covered peril like wind or hail caused the damage to your roof and your policy was in force at the time of the occurrance, then your policy should cover the loss. It would not matter if the roof was "put on wrong" to begin with.

Insurance policy generally covers roof leaks and other damages to your roof, as long as the cause of the damage is not specifically excluded by your policy. But it’s important to note: if a leak occurs due to a lack of maintenance, you may have to pay for the repairs yourself. Also, make sure to consider your home insurance policy's deductibles to determine whether filing a claim makes the best financial sense.

Yes and no. The question should be answered by what has occurred to caused damage to the window. Your policy is a contract and state what it will protect. For example, if a golf ball goes through your window, it is covered. However, if your child throws a baseball, it isn't covered.

They can be caused near ocean or sea and they can damage houses near by;)

hope to god the other car has 3rd party insurance. Third Party insurance covers you for damage caused by your car to property owned by a third party in the event of an accident. That means you're covered for any damage you may accidentally cause to someone else's property.

It depends what caused the separation. If it was from improper installation or a design flaw the damage will not be covered. However, if the damage was caused by a covered loss then the damage will be covered. Review the Perils Insured Against section of your policy to determine if the loss is covered. You may need to retain an engineer to determine the cause.

Insurance is VERY specific when it comes to when coverage starts. If you had the accident BEFORE you got insurance any damage sustained before you purchased the policy damage would not be covered. If you had an accident after the purchase of the policy then any damages would be covered.

Generally an issue like this is not a covered loss on a homeowners insurance. The reason for this is that it is a maintenance issue that should have been fixed by the homeowner before damage occurred. Now if a storm occurred and a tree branch broke the skylight and then because of the storm rain came into the home. In the second case the cause was windstorm. Windstorm is a covered cause on a homeowners policy and therefore not only will the skylight be fixed but also the damage caused by the water coming into the home and whatever damage was caused by this. Most issues that are covered under a homeowners policy and ones that are "sudden and accidental". A lack of maintenance type of damage is usually something that happens over a period of time.

Basically, you have to pay for insurance. If you get into an accident, you are at least partly responsible for the damage that accident caused, whether or not you were at fault. Insurance helps to pay for that damage.

Geico covered the damage caused to my Durango when a branch fell on it. I had to pay a decuctable.

Hurrican damage is covered. Anything direct, sudden, and accidental is covered.

Probably not. Most policies exclude damage by rodents.

depends on the damage you caused and the intent...all policys (far as i know) have an exclusion for 'an intentional act' that is different than you causing the damage, you cause the damage when you rearend someone but that is covered...see? what is the damage and how did you cause it?

It depends on how the damage was caused. It must have been caused by a "covered cause".

No. If it was your own vehicle and you caused the accident then it is entirely your responsibility that the damage was caused and that you get it fixed.

Your insurance SHOULD cover the damage assuming you had comprehensive coverage and not just liability. However, you might have a problem proving the damage occurred while you were still covered.

There was incredible amounts of damage in the city. About 250 people died and over 1500 injuries occurred in the city.

Water damage caused by some force other than from the homeowner's failure to perform preventative maintenace, should be covered.

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