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Who is best Pokemon ever?

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It depends on the user's choice, of course. However, it is universally agreed upon that because Arceus has the highest IVs, it is the strongest Pokemon. Also, because it is the 'Creator' (akin to a god in the Pokemon world), it is probably the 'original' Pokemon and therefore the strongest. It also has no real type, but its type depends on the Plate it is holding.

For example, if Arceus holds a Steel Plate, its type will change to steel. If Arceus then faces a powerful Pokemon that knows Earthquake, it can switch its Steel Plate for a Plate that will not be super-effected against that Pokemon.

Arceus cannot be captured legally, but there are Nintendo events you can participate in to get Arceus legitimately.

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Pokemon The First Movie is the BEST Pokemon movie ever.

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Arceus is the best Pokemon ever and it will always be it

Arceus is the worst Pokemon ever?

it is not the best MARGIKARP is the best ever NOT

Best Pokemon ever made?

all the ledgendary Pokemon are the best they are equal

What is the best Pokemon ever on Pokemon games?

Personally I think Eevee is the best Pokemon ever because, it can evolve into seven different types of Eevee.

What are the best Pokemon's in Pokemon LeafGreen version?

the best Pokemon are mewto and the rarest Pokemon ever mew.

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for a girl what likes cute Pokemon yes, but the best Pokemon is arceus

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I personally think that the best Pokemon in Pokemon black is Reshiram because he is the legendary!

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It is Wobbufet

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Pokemon platinum and Pokemon emerald

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i think that the best Pokemon you can ever have in Pokemon pearl is Empoleon or Palkia not rare^ rare^

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Pokemon arceus or sapphire

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Pokemon stands for Pocket Monsters. The best Pokemon ever is Infernape.

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Definetly not.

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Diamond is not a Pokemon but i think Arceus is one of the strongest Pokemon ever.

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The best Pokemon is areceus. It's a Pokemon that can learn any move and is every element. It is also a legendery.