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OHHH,Definatly World of Warcraft!:p

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Q: Who is better Star Trek online or World of Warcraft?
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What is better Star Wars The Old Republic or World of Warcraft?

It really depends on what YOU like as to whether or not one game is better than the other game. People can tell you what THEY think is better, but in the end, it is totally up to you to decide.

Are there any online xbox 360 role play games like world of warcraft must be an online multiplayer please?

Phantasy Star Universe. It, like WoW, requires a monthly subscription that comes with a fee of about $10.

Do you have to pay to play star craft 2?

no its free to play unlike world of warcraft

Are there any virtual worlds like wizard101?

Yes, try games like runescape, star wars galaxy, world of warcraft, and star wars the old republic

Are there any Websites such as World of Warcraft?

Runescape is a free online MMO. Most games like WoW must be paid for. Eve, Star Trek, City of Heroes, and Champions online are examples of paid MMOs. (15$ per month approximately, although Eve might be free)

Where can you buy cheap Star Trek online?

Star Trek Online is now available for free download from Perfect World's website.

What games are available for adult role play?

Some of the kinds of games that are available for adults to role play in range from Massively multiplayer Online games such as 'World of Warcraft' or 'Star Wars: The Old Republic' or Roleplayer games such as 'Bioshock' or 'Dragon Age'.

What game is played more final fantasy 11 or World of Warcraft?

This is an easy question because no game is played more than World of Warcraft. Lots of people that play WoW dislike people that play FF11. Some people are trying out Aion right now instead of WoW. The new Star Wars MMO is getting a lot of hype and i expect it will be worth considering over World of Warcraft.

Will there be a warcraft IV?

the company has not said yet. You can not find that answer on the web.I have heard that they are thinking about it since warcraft was a big hit. But there has been no word about it. If they do star making warcraft 4, then it will probably come out in 2011 or 2012.

What company developed Star Trek Online?

Cryptic Studios developed Star Trek Online. The online game was released in 2010 and published by Perfect World Entertainment. It is a MMORPG, a massive multiplayer online role playing game.

Whats good agenst fire in Pokemon?

Easy, throw your Pokemon game away and play something that isn't pathetic like ... star wars or World of Warcraft.

Can you use more then 2 guitars on Guitar Hero 3 at once?

yes you can, but why would you waste your time pretending to be a rock star when you could go play world of warcraft?