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Who is better rey mysterio or JBL?


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Rey Mysterio rocks he is the best


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Rey mysterio vs JBL winner: Rey mysterio

My opinion is that Rey Mysterio will win.

he lost to rey mysterio at wrestlemania 25

I could go on for days on how pitiful of a storyline this was. JBL is no longer able to wrestle and realizes that his return to the ring after his last retirement is now over... but they could have had such a better exit storyline then what they did. Rey Mysterio beat JBL in 21 seconds at Wrestlemania XXV.

wrestlemania 25 after losing the IC title against rey mysterio

Great question-REY MYSTERIO

john cena beat rey mysterio so he is better

i thing rey quickness can beat up the big show so i thing rey mysterio is better

Rey Mysterio is cooler with the 619

Kane has more experience but when it comes down to a fight i think rey mysterio quickness would overcome Kane's power and rey would win so rey mysterio is better

No Rey Mysterio Jr. is not Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio is the one who trained rey mysterio Jr. Rey Mysterio is rey myserio Jr.'s uncle You are partly right in that Rey Mysterio, Sr. did train Rey Mysterio, Jr. BUT Rey Mysterio, Jr. has dropped the Jr. off of his name is known as Rey Mysterio. So in that regard you are wrong.

i think rey mysterio Jr because he got trained by Rey mysterio sr. and put he's own twist on the origanal Lucha libre style

Yes, Rey Mysterio Sr. is his uncle and was the one that trained him.Rey Mysterio Jr. is Rey Mysterio.

currently as of right now, which today is may6,09 Rey Mysterio is he won it at Wrestlemania 25 from JBL in a 21 second match after which JBL "quit" the WWE

Defenetly because Rey Mysterio wins against mvp all the time

Rey mysterio would steal the rko and use it on him plus Do the 619.

Rey Mysterio sr is Rey Mysterio jr's uncle.

rey is better.batista took steroids

he quit at wrestlemania 25 after rey mysterio beat him for intercontinental championship in 23 seconds

Rey Mysterio was trained by his dad Rey Mysterio Snr.

JBL quit because Rey Mysterio beat him and one the Intercontinental championship in less than 25 seconds at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania. He is a coward and a sore loser.

Rey Mysterio because he is a multiple time world champ and Sin Cara isn't.

Rey Mysterio Jr. is now called Rey Mysterio and if you want his real name, then go to and type Rey Mysterio. It has everything u need to know about Rey Mysterio.

he quited wwe cause i think he lost against rey mysterio or he lost against bobby lashley

Rey Mysterio Is Mexican

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