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Who is billy slater?

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He plays Rugby League for the Melbourne Storm, which is a team in the NRL. He also lays for Queensland state of origin (possibly the fiercest contest in any sport against NSW) and for Australia. He is a fullback.

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When was Billy Slater born?

Billy Slater was born on June 18, 1983.

How many years has billy slater played football for?

Billy Slater plays NFL not AFL

Does billy slater have a brother?

No Billy Slater does not have a brother. Billy is an Australian rugby player and he plays for the Australian national rugby league team.

Is billy slater gay?


What teams has Billy slater played for?

the great Billy Slater has only played for The Melbourne storm .... that's real pride

You would like to know if billy slater has aboriginal in his blood line?

dose billy slater have aboriginal in his blood line

How old is Billy Slater?

Australian rugby player Billy Slater is 34 years old (birthdate: June 18, 1983).

Who is Billy Slater's mother?

Judy Slater is Billy Slater's mother.

Where does billy slater live?

in south Australia

What is the number on billy slater jersey?


What is Billy Slater's birthday?

Billy Slater was born on June 18, 1983.

Information on Billy Slater's family?

Billy Slater is a former NRL player and is playing for the storms. He was born on the 18th June 1983 in Queensland. Billy's full name is Billy Jono Slater and his dad was Micheal Slater. Billy Slater's wife is Nicole Rose and their daughters name is Tyla Rose.

How much does billy slater weigh?

2.8 bill

When did billy slater start football?

back in 2000

What is billy slater jersey number for QLD?

Billy Slaters number for QLD is # 1 which is fullback

How fast can Billy Slater run 100m?

0.8 Seconds

What primary school did billy slater go to?

innsfail state school

Is billy slater the fastest in nrl-1st grade?

i would say he is

Did billy slater the National Rugby Leuge player play for the cowboys?

No Never.

Who is faster Billy Slater or Jaryd Haynes?

fui fui moi moi

Who was the best player last week in the Rugby League?

Billy Slater & Greg Inglis

Who is a great player at rugby league?

Darren Lockyar, Johnthan Thurson, Billy Slater

Who is the full back in the Melbourne storm?

billy slater of course. the best full back in the game!

How many kids does billy slater have?

he has 2 children, a daughter, Tyla Rose and a son, Jake

What was the salary of first governor general of Pakistan?

it mwans billy slater is the best football player

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