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There has been no commissioner since the Department of Agriculture was made a cabinet-level federal agency in 1889. The current Secretary of the department is Tom Vilsack.

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Q: Who is commissioner of agriculture in the US?
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What is the name of state commissioner for agriculture in ogun state?

The Commissioner of Agriculture for Ogun State as of August 2014 is Mrs. Ronke Sokefun. The Commissioner of Forestry is Mr. Adebayo Fari.

Who is current commissioner of agriculture for TX?

Todd Staples has been the Texas agriculture commissioner since 2006. See the related link below.

Who is the commissioner of agriculture of Texas?

Todd Staples

What are the duties of the commissioner of agriculture in Georgia?

he works

Who is Georgia's commissioner of agriculture?

Tommy Irvin.

Who is the current commissioner of agriculture in Florida?

Chrarles H. Bronsen

Which offices make up the governor's cabinet in the state of Florida?

· secretary of state, an attorney general, a comptroller, a treasurer, a commissioner of agriculture and a commissioner of education

Who is the Texas commisioner of Agriculture?

The current Texas Agriculture Commissioner is Republican Todd Staples, former state senator from the Palestine, Texas area.

What are the 8 offices of the NC council of state?

1. secretary of state 2. attorney general 3. commissioner of agriculture 4. commissioner of insurance 5. commissioner of labor 6. superintendent of public instruction 7. state treasurer 8. state auditor

What is US agriculture?

Livestock, fruits and vegetables are all US Agriculture

How many comissioners are in lagos state?

As of June 2014, the current Lagos State Commissioner of Agriculture & Cooperatives is Gbolahan Lawal. The Commissioner of Education is Mrs. Olayinka Oladunjoye and the Commissioner of Commerce and Industry is Senapon Oworu. The Commissioner of Finance is Adetokunbo Abiru and the Commissioner of Health is Jide Idris.

Who makes up the North Carolina council of state?

It consists of nine or ten elected members if you add the Governor and include: * Lieutenant Governor * Secretary of State * Attorney General * Commissioner of Agriculture * Commissioner of Insurance * Commissioner of Labor * Superintendent of Public Instruction * State Treasurer and * State Auditor.