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Dap and Mazer Rackham

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Q: Who is enders teacher from Ender's Game?
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Is Enders Game related to zone of the enders?


Who is the author in enders game?

the AUTHOR IN ENDERS GAME IS Shel Silverstean

How is ender manipulated in enders game?

how is manipulation shown in Enders game

When did Zone of the Enders - video game - happen?

Zone of the Enders - video game - happened in 360.

When was Zone of the Enders - video game - created?

Zone of the Enders - video game - was created on 2001-03-01.

What is you favorite book?

Enders game

What you favorite book?

Enders game

What is the birth name of Ruth Enders?

Ruth Enders's birth name is Ruth Beatrice Enders.

What is the birth name of Georgiana Enders?

Georgiana Enders's birth name is Georgiana Rose Enders.

Where can you read enders game online?

On Google.

What was Mazers and Enders relationship like in enders game?

Mazer is Enders teacher during enders game. he trained him to beat the formics. [SPOILER] he made ender think that he was testing him with games when ender was actually fighting in the war. They first met on Eros, the asteriod where Command School was held. In the book Ender In Exile they are companions who are close during the begining of the book before Ender leaves for Colony 1 (later named Shakespeare

Where can you get more information about the game Zone of The Enders?

There is a detailed Wikipedia article on the game called Zone of the Enders. One can also find information about this game at Game Stop, IMDb, and You Tube.