Fall Out Boy

Who is fall out boy?

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In short:

1. a punk/punk-pop band

2. a character from the simpsons (where the band got the

name from)

In long: Fall Out Boy Is An American Band That Originated

In Chicago and Consists Of Singer/Gutarist/Composer Patrick Vaughn

Stump, Bassist/Lyricist Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III, Drummer

Andrew John Hurley, and Gutarist Joseph Mark Trohman.

The Band Formed In 2001, and in time since, they have put out 5

albums ranging from punk to pop-punk.

Their Fist Album was released shortly after the band was formed.

This album was named "Evening Out With Your Girlfriend" This is

possibly their least known album of all 5.

The second Album They Named "Take This To Your Grave", It was

released in 2003. And it has songs on it such as "Grand Theft

Autumn/Where Is Your Boy?", "Saturday", and "The Calm Before The


Two years later in 2005, they came out with their 3rd

consecutive album: "From Under The Cork Tree" this album contained

the two singles "Dance, Dance" and "Sugar, We're Goin' Down" which

were the two songs that put them on the charts and into fan's


Again, Two Years Later in 2007, the band released the singles

"This Ain't A Scene, It's an Arms Race" and "I'm Like A Lawyer With

The Way I'm Always Trying To Get You Off" which were both contained

in their album "Infinity On High"

Their most recent album was released on Dec. 16th 2008. It is

called "Folie a Deux" which is french for "Madness Shared By Two".

Many interviews were lined up with the band and they admit that

this is their first CD NOT about girls.

Fall Out Boy is known for their melodic punk music and their

witty/mean lyrics (although since marrying in '08, Pete's lyrics

have become notably nicer). Many fans agree that as long as they

have Pete's Lyrics and Patrick's voice, the band will never


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