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Boys and girls can be the same speed, it depends on how nimble they are.

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Q: Who is faster girls or boys?
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Do girls read faster than boys?

Yes girls read faster then boys as they talk also faster then boys.

Who dies faster boys or girls?


Who has faster reflexes-boys or girls?


Why are boys faster then girls?

Well, there was a record of a Jamaican MAN be the fastest human in the world, so I would say boys are faster. Some people say, boys are stronger than girls but girls are faster than boys. THAT IS NOT TRUE. It actually, boys are stronger AND faster than girls!

Who reacts faster boys or girls?

boys do i did it on science ^.^

Who grow the faster girls or boys?

Boys sometimes.

Who thinks faster boys or girls?

I think girls because they grow more mature and faster , than boys .

Who runs faster a boy or a girl?

Some girls run faster than boys and some boys run faster than girls

Do boys get angry faster that girls?


Do girls grow faster than boys?

no but they seam to mature faster than boys

Do boys or girls recouperat faster when playing sports?


Are girls faster than boys mentally?

Yes, because different horomones that girls have let them be faster than boys mentally.

Do boys teeth or girls teeth fall out faster?

The baby teeth of girls usually fall faster than those of the boys.

Do boys hearts beat faster then girls?


Do boys react faster than girls?


Who is better at spelling boys or girls?

Girls are better than boys because they developoed faster than the boys did

Does girls grow faster than boys?

Not until something happens in boys and girls' bodies

Why are boys more bigger than girls?

Because boys grow tall faster then girls.

Do girls have a faster heart rate than boys in the womb?

yes girls dp have a faster heart rate than boys do in the womb.

Is it true that boys are naturally faster than girls?

No way. Boys could be faster than girls but girls are fast too. It is not good to say that girls are naturally slower than boys. All people are different.

Do girls have faster reflexes than guys?

Boys have faster reflexes!

Why do boys have a faster range for the mile than girls do?

boys tend to have more muscle on there body then girls do.

Who is better at the stroop effect boys or girls?

girls. they recognize it better and faster than boys. -summer

Do boys get bored faster than girls?


Do girls have faster taste than boys?