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Who is fat in WWE?

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bigshow, markhenry, umaga was but now his dead.

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Haha good question, It is because "fat" people are apparantly big and according to WWE if you are big then you are strong.

The Fat Muffin does not have Girlfriend he is to fat......

It was luke Gallows before he wrnt from FAT to fat

well I would say yes but that's only because have you ever seen a fat chick on wwe? have you? and I don't mean just today with all the drugs but there was never a fat woman in the wwe in wwe history

you need to be fat and tall to crush the outhe wwe superstars

Hornswoggle beat the great khali so he an beat the fat buffalo

He is tall 7 feet tall 480 pounds so he is fat. He is NOT fat he just has alot of muscle

The importance is that it is there to entertain people and to show them to actually NOT wrestle or be a big FAT bully!

it depends how mch the buffalo weighs and height.

a fat guy named Kevin cochran did it he was so lazy one day he used the only 2 letters he learned in school cause hes so fat and that's how wwe was made then he walked out of class and ate a corndogg

No, its just a scripted gag from Alberto Del Rio in Edge's retirement party.

up ur big fat...... bottom :) hope this works for u :)

Unfortunately, the WWE is highly unlikely to hire minors for any work. To get into the WWE when you are an adult, you will need to train, possibly go to a wrestling school, and rely on sheer luck to get into the WWE.

A wwe fan is a person who likes wwe, or a fan of fighters in wwe.

Wwe released Carlito because he abused wwe on wwe superstars

Because they have to have a large muscle mass to be as strong as they are, and muscle weighs much more than fat, so they tend to weigh quite a bit, not because they are fat, but because they have such large muscles.

Their are many reasons why WWE superstars leave WWE. One of those reasons can be, they were released from their WWE contract.

wwe shopzone on the wwe website

The WWE mission statement is for WWE is winning the the most precious prize in the WWE, The World Heavyweight Championship, and The WWE Championship.

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you have to be good to be in the wwe

You have to be 18 to get into the WWE and the schools you go to train for the WWE.

there is no exact wwe stadium but there are stadiums where wwe is held

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