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Take a $10 bill and very carefully move your eyes down to the bottom of the picture. The name is right there underneath. It's Alexander Hamilton.

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Q: Who is featured on the ten dollar bill?
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Back of ten dollar bill?

An image of the U.S. Treasury building is featured on the back of a ten dollar bill. Alexander Hamilton, first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, adorns the front of the bill.

Is Benjamin Franklin the only person that is not a president featured on a bill?

No, Alexander Hamilton is on the ten dollar bill. They're the only two.

Who is face on a 10.00 bill?

The first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton is currently featured on one side of the United States ten-dollar bill, while the U.S. Treasury is featured on the reverse.

Who was on the 1 dollar bill?

Currently featured on the 1 dollar bill is George washington, first president of the United States- who featured on earlier issues of the dollar bill, I'm afraid I don't know.

Which President is pictured on the one-dollar bill?

George Washington is featured on the one-dollar bill.

How much is a 1995 ten dollar bill worth?

Same as a 2012 ten dollar bill.

Is Alexander Hamilton on the 2 dollar bill?

He's not on any US coin. He's on the $10 bill.

Is it possible to lift 1000000 in the ten dollar bill?

there isnt a 1,000,000 inside the ten dollar bill

How many half dollars in a ten dollar bill?

There are twenty half dollars in a ten dollar bill.

What statue is on the back of the 2006 US ten dollar bill?

what statue is on the back of the ten dollar bill

What bird of prey is featured on the US dollar bill?


Who is the creator of the national bank and ten dollar bill?

Alexander Hamilton. It should be noted that he did not "create" the ten-dollar-bill, but his likeness is on the bill.