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The first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton is currently featured on one side of the United States ten-dollar bill, while the U.S. Treasury is featured on the reverse.

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Q: Who is face on a 10.00 bill?
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Whose face is on the 1000 lire bill?

Pretty sure it's Maria Montessori... at least that fits the crossword I'm doing.

What is the value of the no 8894 1000 dollar bill dec 15 1840?

The 1840 $1000 bill with the serial number 8894 would be worth its face value of $1000 to a collector, as these bills are no longer in circulation and are sought after as rare and historical pieces. The exact value may vary depending on the bill's condition and any potential historical significance attached to it.

Can you get changes with 1000 bill?

well you cant because there is no 1000 bill.

How much is a 1000 bill worth?

1000 dollars+ That's the FACE value of the bill. Because the U.S. never withdrew or demonetized any currency, all bills are worth their face (printed) value at a minimum. However, the COLLECTOR's value can be much different. However, without knowing more about the bill it's not possible to say anything more definite. The auction site linked below shows current retail values for $1000 bills of different dates and series.

Is the 1000 bill legal tender?

That would depend on what currency (country) the 1000 bill was for.

What is the f t l 1000 s?

The Face That Launched 1000 Ships (The Face of Helen of Troy)

Can you tell me about the 1000 yen bill?

1000 yen bill from Japan = us candians $10dollers

What is the value of 10.00 1954 Canadian dollar bill?

A used bill in poor condition is worth $1000. A slightly used bill is worth $1200 An uncirculated bill could fetch $1400 However if u have a 1954, Devils face. It could be worth much more

What does it mean when the face on the dollar bill face east?

It means you have a $10 bill.

Whose face on the one-thousand dollar bill?

Grover Cleveland is on the most recent US $1000 bill. This bill is no longer in circulation. Bills larger than $100 were withdrawn from circulation in order to hinder the cash transactions that are common in the drug trade.

What bill did Alexander Hamilton had his face on?

Alexander Hamilton's face is in the ten dollar bill.

What is the value of a 1897 1000 dollar bill?

1000 Dollars