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Who is finance minister of maharashtra state?

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The finance minister of Maharashtra State is Shri Ajit Anantrao Pawar. The contact phone number is 022-0225014 and e-mail address is

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Current finance minister of maharashtra state?

sunil tatkare

Who is finance minister of maharashtra?

dilip valse patil

Who is finance minister of maharashtra for 2010?

Sunil Tatkare

Who is finance minister of maharashtra 2012?

ajit pawar

Education minister of maharashtra?

mr.rajendra darda is the education minister of state of maharashtra.

Name of Power Minister of Maharashtra State?

Ajit Pawar - Nephew of Maharashtra Strong man Sharad Pawar is the New Power Minister of Maharashtra state.

Who is the education minister of maharashtra?

Balasaheb Thoratwho is education minister in darda is the education minister of state of maharashtra.rajesh topeRadhakrishna Vikhe-Patil

List of maharashtra state government ministers?

state minister of urban development of maharashtra govt

Who is sports minister of maharashtra?

As of May 2014, the sports minister of Maharashtra is Shri Padmakar Vijaysing Valvi. Maharashtra is known for being an Indian state.

Who is the Minister of State for Finance for Uganda?

Fred Mandir Jacan Omach is the Minister of State for Finance for Uganda.

What is the name of Uganda's State Minister for Finance?

The name of Uganda's State Minister for Finance-(General Duties) is Fred Omach.

Who resigned from the post Finance Minister of India to support the Sanyukta Maharashtra Movement?

Mr. C.D. Deshmukh

Who was the first home minister of maharashtra state?

Shankarrao chavan

Who is the state minister of power in Maharashtra at present?

Saurabh Pandey

Who is the president of maharashtra state planning commission?

chief minister of maharashtra CM Prithviraj Chavan is the president

Who is Agriculture minister of Maharashtra state?

Mr. Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil

Who is the prime minister of maharashtra?

Well in India there is only one Prime Minister and he is the prime Minister of the entire country .The equivalent designation at State Level would be the Chief Minister and the curent CM of Maharashtra is Ashok Chavan .

Who is chief minister of maharashtra?

who is the chief minister of maharashtra mr chouhan

What is the name of the Commissioner of Finance in Enugu state?

The Minister of Finance in Enugu State is Chief Tony Ani.

Who is the Chief Minister of Maharashtra?

Prithviraj Chavan is the current Chief Minister of Maharashtra.Prithviraj Chavan is the present Chief Minister of Maharashtra.13

Who is the defense minister of maharashtra?

Defence minister of india is AK Antony. Govt dont elect defence minister for particular state.

Address of home minister of maharashtra?

Office address of home minister maharashtra

Who is finance minister of gujarat state?

pranav mukherji

Duties of finance minister?

Indian Finance Minister is the head of Indian Finance Ministry which deals with taxation, financial legislation, financial institutions, capital markets, center and state finances, and Budget. Current Finance minister is Arun Jaitley.

Who is health minister of maharashtra 2009?

Shri.Suresh Shetty is new health minister of Maharashtra