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Who is given credit for finding Florida?


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who was given credit for finding the state Florida


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Vitus Bering, who was a Dane in the service of Russia.

Thomas Hagen of Mountain View High School in Boise, ID

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Who ever the Duke of York hired. I now this answer sux. Im just bord. -_-'

South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union's motto is 'Earn extra credit with your membership.'.

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Florida home equity does the best job in finding you a house on the market for rock bottom and has potential to become a nest egg of equity. Florida home equity also offers financial assistance in new home loan lines of credit and appraisals

"The Vystar credit union is located in North East Florida. The headquarters is located in Jacksonville, and is the largest credit union in North Florida."

Florida does not have a a child car tax credit for single mothers. There is also not a tax credit at the federal level.

Mid Florida Credit Union

The Central Florida Educators Federal Credit Union offers banking for personal or business needs. The website boasts that it was voted the best credit union in Central Florida.

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All state universities except for new colleges participate in the student credit program in Florida. The credit can transfer from one university to another.

article 4 section one of the constitution (full faith and credit) says that Florida has to recognize the judical procedings of all other states, so yes Florida has to recognize the charges given in Chicago.

the only three that i know of are publix employees federal credit union, vystar credit union, and south Florida education credit union. any more out there???

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