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Who is giving answers on WikiAnswers?

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The people that are logged into Wikianswers, of course.

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Do you like giving answers?

Personally, I like giving answers. All of our supervisors like giving answers, and our dedicated contributors do, too. They wouldn't be on WikiAnswers all the time if the didn't like giving answers.

How do people become historical in WikiAnswers?

By winning loads of awards or by giving the most answers or the best answers.

Why does WikiAnswers give such inappropriate answers?

Because there are just random people giving random, but maybe accurate answers out there. Like me.

Does WikiAnswers spoil a child's education by giving the child the answers and not letting the child find them on his own?

Students learn by looking up answers, whether it be in an encyclopedia, a dictionary, a textbook, or WikiAnswers.

How does this website help people?

Wikianswers helps people by giving them answers to their questions. In addition to that, your frequent use of wikianswers will make you more knowledgable.

What is the answers to week 4o 6th grade math?

Wikianswers is not intended for giving HW answers such as this. If you have a specific question, please ask.

Is the person who is giving you answers gay?

The person might be gay. WikiAnswers does not ask participants about their sexual orientation.

Why is WikiAnswers inferior to Yahoo answers?

No, wikianswers is not inferior to yahoo answers.

How do you me mike 2 from erasing end messing up or giving wrong answers on this website?

Mike2 is a respected senior supervisor here at WikiAnswers so If you are noticing a problem with your answers being changed, perhaps you might want to review the answers you are giving.

What are the answers to Warren Reeve Duchac Accounting?

Attempting to cheat, beside being reprehensible and a disservice to yourself, is prohibited on WikiAnswers. Knowingly giving answers to textbook assessments, quizzes, or tests on WikiAnswers may result in the interruption or termination of service when discovered. Do not attempt to cheat on WikiAnswers.

Why is wikianswers gay and the people on it?

because we have nothing else to do and just spend our life giving people fake answers!! :D

Can you sigh up without giving Answers access to your Facebook account?

No, WikiAnswers (Answers.com) now requires members to use their Facebook account to create an account with Answers.

Why are there never any answers posted on WikiAnswers?

There are actually a lot of answers posted onto this site. As of August 17, 2013 there are 19,619,835 answers posted on WikiAnswers. Perhaps you wrote an answer and did not see it posted; or someone may have changed your answer. WikiAnswers is a volunteer-run site, and all of us who answer the questions do our part to keep the site growing. Please continue to participate by giving accurate answers to the questions you know something about.

Who is WikiAnswers sponsored by?

WikiAnswers is owned by the Answers corporation.

When I answer a question on Yahoo Answers why do my answers have an edit and delete next to them and the others do not?

You may want to ask this on Yahoo Answers (or better yet stay here and ask and answer questions on WikiAnswers instead of Yahoo Answers :-) I would guess that since you are the one who wrote the answer Yahoo is giving you the ability to edit or delete it, but is not giving you the ability to edit or delete other people's answers.

How is it that Google Answers has fallen by the wayside yet WikiAnswers marches on?

Google Answers crashed and burned due to the lack of accurate answers and the fact that no one could edit the answers that were on Google Answers. WikiAnswers allows anybody to contribute, and doesn't simply search for answers - WikiAnswers MAKES answers. With the help of WikiAnswers' rival, Yahoo! Answers, both inadvertently teamed up and crushed Google Answers out of the answers competition.

Why won't WikiAnswers give homework answers?

Cheating is illegal and immoral. We would not be helping you by giving you answers to copy - we would be getting you into trouble and perhaps getting you fired or kicked out of your school

Is WikiAnswers really true?

Yes. For your information, the site that you are posting this question IS WikiAnswers. Sometimes, it is true that WikiAnswers' answers are not true. However, most of the answers are true. Sometimes, there are vandals who make turn true answers to false answers, but it is false to say that WikiAnswers is not true. To find out whether WikiAnswers' answers are true, sign up now to become a true WikiAnswers Contributor! Be true to yourself if you get addicted!

Are all the answers on WikiAnswers complete and right or not?

There is no way to guarantee that the answers on WikiAnswers are all 100% correct.

How do you answer answers on WikiAnswers?

You can't answer answers on WikiAnswers, or anywhere for that matter, unless there is a question in the answer, where it would be classified as a question.

When was WikiAnswers modified?

WikiAnswers is constantly being "modified" with new questions, answers, and changes to existing answers.

Do WikiAnswers have answers for everything?

no... it only answers what people can and will answer

Can you be giving answers on WikiAnswers?

Look at me now! I'm answering your question! Of COURSE I can give answers! So can you... Yes you can just click on answer if you feel you would like to answer a question or on improve answer if you feel you have a better answer.

What is you name WikiAnswers?

Its not just one person who answers the question its everyone who wants to help in WikiAnswers if that answers your question?

Are there any videos on WikiAnswers or Answers.com?

Yes, there are some videos on Answers/Wikianswers, but it is mainly written answers at this stage.

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