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The person or company that repossed it.

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Q: Who is liable if parts are sold from a repossed car?
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What if i sold my car and now 4 months later its engine blew am i liable?

No, You are not liable.

I paid for a used car I do not have possession I don't want the car am I liable?

If The Car Is In Your Name , You Are Liable !! Unless You Have Legal Proof You Sold It.

My question concerns if your car is repossed in the state of New York. Can anyone tell me how long does one have to reclaim their car before is is sold for aution?

until the car reaches it value in fees

When a car is sold to you and the seller hid information from you is he liable for any of the repairs?

Without a legal contract it is "Buyer Beware" or "Sold as is".

Can my car get repossed from a private parking lot?

Yes, it can.

If your car gets repossed can you get your possessions that you had inside?


How do get your repossed car back in Arizona?

Pay what you owe.

How do you find out who repossed your car?

The lender who holds the note on your car, is the one that repossessed your car.

Your car was repossessed how can you get your car back?

If your was repossed you need to call the car company and pay your car

Can a military members car be repossed?

Anyone's car can be "repossessed" if they don't make their car payment.....

What happens if I can't payoff my car by the maturity date?

get repossed

Can parts be sold off a car without title to in Texas?

IF it is YOUR car, yes.

How much can a repossed vechicle be resold for?

whatever the worth is of the car or more

How can you sell a car for parts without a title?

Yes you can .You must tell the buyer that the car has no title and the parts are sold as is.

If someone else crashes your car are they liable?

Yes the person crashed the car is directly liable, but if you gave him the car and he was drunk or etc. you are also liable

Could you inform me about parts for cars?

Parts for car are components of a car. They are used to renew the car, or after the initial components are damaged, they can be replaced. (After an accident, for example) Car parts are sold in car repair shops or online.

Can auto insurance be purchased for months that have already passed to avoid paying lienholder more money?

No, the lienholder usually forces insurance on you car and you are liable for the premium. When you purchase your own insurance they will take the difference from the premium off of your balance, but you will still be liable to pay for the months that you were not insured. I recomend you hurry and get insurance on your car. The insurance your bank provides is no good, not only that, but you can risk having your car repossed if it is not insured.

Are you still liable for a car you sold if the title is still in your name?

Oh yes. You need to get that title in the name of the new owner.

Are nitro car parts sold at every car parts store?

Well, most people associate nitro car parts with remote controlled cars, which are sold at hobby stores. For full scale cars you would likely do better at a specialty store.

Can you recover the wheels and tires from your car when it is repossed?

Nope. Nothing bolted or wired. They are now part of the car. Sorry.

Can a car be repossed after payments have been made?

Yes, if other terms of the contract are breached, such as having no car insurance.

How do you find out where your repossed car is?

you should probably call your bank. or whoever loaned you the money for the car. they should know where it is

Is there a time of the day your car cant be repossessed?

No u can get ur car repossed any day and any time.

Can Minnesota garnish wages for a repossed car?

Yes, and they will. The can garnish up to 25% of your wages.

Sold car and received impound notice?

You are no longer liable provided you notified dmv. Sounds like the new owner lost it.