Who is more jealous men or women?

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that is actually a hard question. but i would have to say: Women.

because they are more emotional and fall in love with another person a lot faster

You say women are more emotional, but that is not true. Men show emotions in a different way (violence) than women (tears).

It also doesn't make sense what you say, why would women be more jealous when they fall in love with another person faster? Wouldn't that be more reason for men to be more jealous?
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Are men or women more lustful?

Answer . \nSome individuals have higher sex drives than others. It's not a overriding one gender trait.. Answer . Go to a popular local bar some Saturday night. The answer will become evident.

Why do men flirt to make women jealous?

Mature men don't. It's not a good way to treat someone that you care about. If your boyfriend is doing that, dump him. There isn't any way to know if he's just trying to annoy you or if he's "trolling". If it's your husband, let him know that you don't like it. If he keeps it up, both of you need t ( Full Answer )

Are men or women more overweight?

According to a prevalence and trend study (1999-2000) published in 2002 by the Journal of the American Medical Association, there are more overweight American men, but more obese American women. There were 64.5 million (61.9 percent) adult women (20+ years old), who were overweight (includes obese), ( Full Answer )

Why are there more men than women?

Worldwide, it is only about 2% more men, and this is skewed by thehigh ratios of China (+8%) and India (+7%). In these countries andothers, the need for predominantly male workers (and mandatedpopulation control) has led in some cases to infanticide, as toomany female babies could result in higher p ( Full Answer )

Who is more intelligent men or women?

Neither one is really smarter than the other, Ther phyciological pathway of information within the brain, capable, of being processed is a sheer state of being early developed in skills. In latmens terms you have to learn early to be more knowledgable in the future. But it is a proven fact that most ( Full Answer )

Women are more intelligent then men?

Answer . By nature, each sex has areas where their natural bent excels. For instance, most women can handle several things happening at once, while men tend to manage one thing at a time. Some people are big picture people, others are detail oriented. Just a different outlook in managing informa ( Full Answer )

Are there more men or women in the world?

There are more males in the world. The ratio as of 2011 is 984 females for every 1000 males. According to the CIA World Factbook, the 2013 estimate of total world population ratios is 1.01 male to every 1.0 female. The 2014 estimate is 1.014 male to every 1.0 female. Total male estimate as ( Full Answer )

Are there more men or women in America?

Women outnumber men in the US. There are only .996 men for each woman in the entire population. If you look at the below 65 adults though, it is equal. Children have more boys. because the man is more selfish they try to let woman die in vain

Are there more men or women?

Women. Men, check any source if you don't believe it. There are especially more younger men (below 65) than women.

Are there more men than women?

No . As of 1/1/10, according to the U.S. Census Bureau the global population totals 6,830,586,985 . There are 3,440,026,139 women and 3,390,560,846 men . There are 49,465,293 more women than there are men.

Why women is more beautiful then men?

I think it goes back to Eve in the garden of Eden. She was the first beauty and she was created to be a helper to her man. Adam was very pleased with her, thus most men are very pleased at the God given beauty of a woman.

Are there more women or men in the world?

There are more males in the world. The ratio as of 2011 is 984 females for every 1000 males. According to the CIA World Factbook, the 2013 estimate of total world population ratios is 1.01 male to every 1.0 female. Total male estimate as of July 2013 is 3,571,374,099. Total female estimat ( Full Answer )

Are there more men or women in Scientology?

Good question. It seems to be the same. However, in saying that, from my experience I have seen various trends. As heads of our local churches, more women seem to be involved than men. In our regional headquarters, there appear to be more women than men. But as to parishioners I think it seems even. ( Full Answer )

Who is more depressed men or women?

Women are at greater risk of suffering from major depression than are men, by about 3 to 1. This has not yet been explained, but a host of factors are possible, including socioeconomic, cultural, and biological. Men, on the other hand, are at greater risk of anti-social disorders (marked by committi ( Full Answer )

Do men try to make women jealous on purpose?

A mature man will not try to make a woman jealous because he would be able to communicate his feelings in a healthy way if had any concerns. Only men who are not sure of themselves and are not able to articulate their feelings to a woman will try to make a woman jealous. There are risks with trying ( Full Answer )

Why are there more homeless men then women?

its easier for men to be on the street than women because women got babies and because men can sopport themselfs not women and most women will just get a player or thug to take care of them so yup yup

Who is more faithful women or men?

Women most definately.. we are all individuals, it all about up bring, morals, integrity and self-respect! so how can anyone say one or the other! this is coming from a man that never cheated ;-) and doesn't ever plan too!

Why are women more emotional then men?

Women are much more in tune with nature and the earth. They feel many more feelings and emotions. It is a gift they have for being able to bear children. We menstrate around the cycles of the moon and we have powerful abilities to perceive others feelings. I think it is obvious the women feel and ex ( Full Answer )

Are there more women or men on earth?

No, there are more men than women. • In 2000, there were about 101 men for every 100 women worldwide. The ratio of men to women was lower in the world's more developed regions (96 for the United States and 94 for other MDCs) than in LDCs (103). Associated differences in numbers surviving beco ( Full Answer )

Who is more responsible women or men?

It all depend on the person. Most would think the woman would be,however it truly does depend on the people involved.

Are there more women than men?

No . As of 1/1/10, according to the U.S. Census Bureau there are 3,440,026,139 men and 3,390,560,846 women on earth. There are 49,465,293 more men than there are women. well, well, it depends how you calculate it. for every ONE female 1.014 male is born.(more males) But women live an average ( Full Answer )

Who is more affected men or women?

well, men are more affected physically, women are more affected emotionally, if that's what you mean.. Wait, affected by what?

Why are men more aggressive then women?

Because men want to be the leader. Men are known to be tough, so if they were like girls that would ruin their attractiveness. It also has to do with different levels of testosterone. Whether men are actually more aggressive or not depends on the context. If you threaten a woman's children or get b ( Full Answer )

Why are women more jealous than men?

I just think men don't hold grudges as long and don't get jealous easily. . Show me the source that proves women are more jealous than men.

Are there more famous women or men?

YUPPPP! its guy, they have done things like invent sliced bread, cars, planes, trains, pretty much everything we use daily was invented by a dude, sorry ladies. you just ain't that gifted when it comes to inventing useful things Edit: Except Ada Lovelace and her work on the analytical engine, ( Full Answer )

Do men have more organs then women?

No because all people are created equal. Even though some men are bigger than women, that does not mean they have more organs.

Who cheats more men or women?

Both sexes cheat on their partner equally. But in my opinion I think males cheat more than females. Most men are more comfortable lying than women are.

Is it the men or women that are more corrupt?

Men. They mess with your feelings completely and think its fine. And they do this because they know what buttons to press. They press your buttons for the benefit of themselves, women's feelings come second I'm afraid.

Who speaks more men or women?

There is no hard evidence as to which gender speaks more. It's an incredibly vague question and anyone who tries to give a definite answer doesn't have all the facts. It seems that who speaks more depends on the motives and subject matter. As loose model, women might go on for hours speaking about ( Full Answer )

Are there more men or women that are veterinarians?

In the United States, the ratio just tipped slightly towards more women than men in the profession. Over the next several decades the profession is going to shift heavily towards women dominating the profession.

Why are there more men that are colorblind then women?

It has to do with the slight differences in the DNA, ANSWER Colorblindness is sex linked trait. Females are XX and Males are XY. The colorblind gene is only on the X chromosome so if a male has the gene on the X chromosome then he will be colorblind. Females can have it on one X chromosome, bu ( Full Answer )

Why men have more power then women?

That's easy...they don't. and that's a sexist question. A guy can't just natruly be stronger than a girl. and a girl can't naturaly be stronger than a guy either. it just deepends on what they do. for example, if there's a guy who's just lazy and does nothing, and a girl who works out and stuff, the ( Full Answer )

Who nags MORE men or women?

The typical response would be that women nag more than men, but inreality thats not true. Men tend to nag more than women as most menhave stronger memories and tend to remember things more and remindwomen about it = nag.

What do women do more than men?

Women do the following activities far more often and more frequently than men do: . get pregnant! . have babies! . child care . pet care . housecleaning . laundry . shop; grocery buying . take care of telephone calls . manage households .

Who hunts more men or women?

Women, because women think there tough and dont know how much it will hurt to get hit by a man.

Why women more violent then men?

Statistically, this actually is not the case. According to the USDepartment of Justice, 75.6 percent of all offenders were male andonly 20.1 percent were female. The remaining percentage were fromcases that the victim was unable to ID their attacker. In Bureau of Justice Statistics study that ran f ( Full Answer )

Are there more men or women in Italy?

The number of males in Italy's total population of 7,418,400 is 3,660,623. The number of females if 3,757,777. There are more females than males in Italy.

Who is more comlicated men or women?

Women are more complicated than men. Women say they can read menlike a book! Men have never been able to understand women, andprobably never will.

Who poops more women or men?

Its true that women do in fact poop more than men And its beenproven technically and accurately by scientist and doctors.