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Virgins over 27 mostly, and gay muslim extremists, and potato fries who like onions with a little bit of ketchup!

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Q: Who is most at risk during a vampire attack?
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Whon is most risk from an vampire attack?

People at risk for a vampire attack are people whose blood smell good to the vampire. Varies for vampire to vampire.

Who is most at risk to prevent a vampire attack?

Nobody is ast risk because vampires are fictitious beings.

Is the victim more at risk during a Vampire attack?

well....... vampires don't exist......... and you need to say more at risk than what a werewolf or ghost? but in books vampires seem to be the biggest risk in a attack......

What is the risk of a vampire atack?

Since vampires are imaginary only, the risk of an ACTUAL vampire attack is zero.

Who is most at risk of being attacked by a vampire?

Those that are most at risk of being attacked by a vampire include the weak and defenseless. Vampires also seem to go after those who are asleep.

Who is most at risk to get bitten by a vampire?

Nobody is ast risk because vampires are fictitious beings.

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Who is at most risk of getting bit by a vampire?

those who dont eat garlic and have their favourite blood type

What is the risk of heart attack during a cardiac rehabilitation program?

The risks of another heart attack during cardiac rehabilitation are slight, and greatly reduced by careful, continuous monitoring of the physical status of the patient.

Why are woman most at risk of vampires?

In actual fact they are not at any greater risk than any other individual. Its just that in vampire movies that involve a touch of dark romance they are.

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