Who is nature boy in WWE?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Ric Flair used to be the Nature Boy but he left WWE and went to TNA.

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Q: Who is nature boy in WWE?
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Who is the first WWE wrester to win the WWE belt?

That would be the original "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers.

Who was the first heavyweight champion in WWE?

"Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers

Who was the vary first WWE champ?

The original Nature Boy Buddy Rogers.

Who has had the most championships in the WWE?

triple h or the nature boy ric flair from Lisa Russell

When was Nature Boy created?

Nature Boy was created in 1948.

Has shark boy been in WWE?


When was Nature Boy - comics - created?

Nature Boy - comics - was created in 1956.

Who is the newest boy wrestler on WWE?


Who is the fittest boy in WWE?

John Morrison, of course! ;)

What is better WWE or Barbie?

WWE if Ur a boy or a girl and barbie for some girls who r small

Who hhh in WWE?

Triple H (HHH) aka The Game is a longtime vet of the WWE. Also he is Stephanie McMahon's husband and the son in law of Vince McMahon. Good friend of Shawn Michaels (HBK) and The Nature Boy Rick Flair. And Sworn enemy of Randy Orton (not so much anymore) and now Sheamus (the one who took him out of WWE).

How can you become a refere for the WWE?

i have been watching for 34 years, now i am 34 and i would love to be a refree for the wwe i have followed the careers of hulk hogan, nature boy ric flair, kane, jake the snake roberts, piper and the best wrestler ever the UNDERTAKER and i would really love to be in the wwe so if you can tell me what i have to do to become a ref. let me know