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I also have a "Andy Anderson" Burr Key Bilt putter that was my mothers. She played in the 1920's before marrying. Burr Key was a Chicago. Ill. Machine shop . I keep the putter mounted in my TV room (along with my Dad's MacGregor-Dayton putter).All Time Men's first-team ALL Ivy League. Played for Brown in 1971

Another Andy Robertson existed prior to 1920 for whom a series of chrome plated "matched five" signature clubs were built by "Burr-Key Built" with hickory shafts. My mother purchased the clubs around 1919 and gave them to me in 1960 so the Ivy League Andy Robertson is 'unlikely' to be the subject of the question. I have no further information.

Not to say that the person who answered the question is wrong but I also have a club with his name on it with a hickory shaft on it and they didnt come with hickory shafts in 1971. It also has BURR-KEY-BUILT on the head, I looked it up and it was made around 1920 but nothing on Andy Robertson

Andrew (Andy) Robertson was the foreman clubmaker at Burr Key in Chicago during the 1920's and thirties. He was born in St.Andrews and was an excellent golfer in his own right, though his brother Alexander G Robertson (Alex) was a golf pro for Red Rock Arsenal, USA and Fountainbleau in Canada until his untimely death in1914 from Typhoid fever in Chicago.

Andrew (Andy) Robertson loved golf and managed to entice his nephews Alex G Robertson jnr and Archie McDonald Robertson (my Grandfather) over from St.Andrews, Scotland to work at Burr Key and play golf in tournaments. There are sets of clubs with Andy Robertson, Archie McDonald stamped on them. I'm unsure if there are any with Alex Robertson on them or not. We have originals at home. So now you know who Andy Robertson was.

Incidentally, they were well regarded as club makers and helped Nat Rosasco form a quality product when he founded the Northwestern Golf Co. They had a dispute with Rosasco over wages nad went to work elsewhere in Chicago, not being prepared to accept the same wages offered to them that Rosasco was paying his imigrant Polish workforce.

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Q: Who is or was Andy Robertson?
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