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Who is responsible for damage done to a car that was repossessed after all past due money and late charges were paid and the account was current?


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2005-01-15 19:47:56
2005-01-15 19:47:56

The one in POSSESSION is responsible.


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If you get the account current. Call the lender and ask. They will be the final answer on the subject.

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No, it is probably not too late. It certainly will help your credit either way. Call them immediately. Do not allow it to be repossessed if at all possible.

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minimum Rs.20000/- charges dd commission Rs.39

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There are a couple different disadvantages of using a current account. They include the fact that some banks will impose service charges on them, and the fact that they do not earn interest on money in one.

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Anyone who is running a business or wishes to open an account that would involve high number of transactions can open a current account. Current Accounts usually involve higher charges & fees because of the extra services you receive. Those services are usually not available for regular savings account. Also, the money in your checking account does not earn any interest.

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