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The LIENHOLDER is ultimately responsible for anything that happens during a self help repossession.

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Q: Who is responsible for damage to the yard during a repossession in Florida?
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Who is responsible for damage to a vehicle during a repossession?

the person the vehicle was leased to is responsible as they are the ones that have caused the vehicle to need to be repossessed.

Who is responsible for damage to your property during a repossession of someone elses car?

The person causing the damage is usually responsible, and that would be the hook driver, or his employer, or both, assuming the "someone else" did nothing to interfere with the repo.

Is it legal to carry a firearm during a repossession?

Repossession of what? Who? The repo agent?

If you have a car repoed in South Carolina do you have to pay the remaining balance of the loan?

Yes. Additionally, you will be responsible for any late fees, repossession fees, storage fees, transportation fees, and legal fees and court cost incurred during the repossession process.

When the lender contracts out for the a rept to a CA repo agent and that party contracts to a 2nd party Texas agent to complete who is responsible for the damages incurred during the repo?

Regardless of who the agent is that actually repossesses a vehicle the responsibility will remain with the agency that actually accomplished the repossession, however, the Creditor is ultimately responsible for the actions of the agents that they assign an account to. The assigning agency, if they had no actual part in the repossession will probably not be responsible.

In Florida are you responsible for debt that is solely incurred by your spouse?

No, Florida is not a community property state. Married couples who do not reside in CP states are only responsible for those debts that are jointly incurred during the marriage.

Who is responsible for damage to your car if a tree falls on the car during an ice storm and you are leasing the house?

your mother

Who was elected as President during 1828 and was also responsible for suppressing the Seminole uprisings in Florida?

Andrew Jackson

Can a repo man wear a bullet proof vest?

Yes, anybody can wear a vest. I'm not sure where this question came from but here in Florida you can't possess a firearm during a repossession.

Are Police Responsible for Property Damage During A Search?

Unlikely. You should contact a local attorney with specific information on your concern.

Can a repo agent damage personal propery during a repo?

No, the repossession agency must return your personal property undamaged. Usually you have to go pick it up. If your property is damaged, the agency should have insurance.

Can a payment be made during a repossession?

No. They're not there to collect money, they are there to reposess.

Is hurricane insurance required in Florida?

It is Florida law requires property insurance policies to include coverage for damage caused by the wind during a storm that the National Hurricane Center declares to be a hurricane.

What can you do if there is damage to your car from being towed backward on the drivetrain during a repossession in Ohio?

Unfortunately, not much. The obvious prevention would have been to keep current on the payments. Being towed is just the logicl consequence of the previous actions.

What if repossession agent damages RV or personal property during repossession under Texas law?

Then they're liable for the damages. You need to file a police report immediately.

What is legal during a car repossession in Ohio?

NONE OF THE ABOVE. Call an attorney ASAP.

If your car was hit and damaged during repossession what rights do you have?

CALL a local attorney NOW.

A tree on my property line grows a branch that hangs over my neighbor's property breaks off during a heavy storm onto their property. Who is liable for the damage?

You are responsible, but your homeowner insurance should cover damage.

What is a contingency repossession?

One where the repossession agency receives no fees to cover the expenses incurred in the efforts expended during the recovery process unless the unit is actually recovered. No repo, no money.

Who is responsible for Property damage during police search?

Youre not going to like this answer, but constitutionally, the owner is. The police are cleared if searching with a legally obtained warrant or consent.

Who is responsible for damage caused to a tenants personal property when the ceiling collapsed during a storm because the building was not weatherproofed correctly and the tenant didn't have insurance?


If your car was repossessed and was damaged during the repossession what rights do you have?

You will have to sue the lender/bank get several estimates to fix the damage file a police report, take pictures.You can sue in either small claims or regular court either way you can represent yourself.

Who owned Florida during the American Revolution?

The Spanish controlled Florida during the American Revolution.

Who is responsible for damages when a tree falls on a car during storm?

That is an act of Nature. No one is responsible (liable) for an act of Nature. Your homeowners policy will not cover it. The comprehensive portion of the vehicle owners Auto Insurance policy would have to cover the damage.

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