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The estate of the deceased. The estate of the deceased is responsible for all debt incurred by the deceased. After all debt has been resolved, any remaining resources are available to the beneficiaries.

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Q: Who is responsible for debt after a death?
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Related questions

Who is responsible for a persons debt after death?

The person who the will go with.

If you have durable power of attorney are you responsible for the debtors after death?

No, you are not responsible for the debt. The power of attorney terminated at the death of the deceased. The estate is responsible to resolve the debts.

Are minor heirs responsible for debt after death?

Heirs are not responsible for any debt. The debt is the responsibility of the estate. If there are not adequate assets, the debtors don't get paid and the heirs will not receive anything.

Who is responsible for School debt after death?

The borrower, i.e., the person who signed the note, is responsible for payment. If the borrower has died their estate is responsible. If there is no estate the creditor is out of luck. If there was a co-signer then they will be held responsible for paying the debt.

Who is responsible for credit card debt after death in the state of Illinois?

Actually, the answer is the credit card holder is responsible for the debt if single, otherwise the spouse may be responsible for a partners debts. If it was made while they were married, otherwise, the bank can't collect the debt.

Is spouse responsible for medical debt after spouse's death if bills were incurred prior to marriage?


Who is responsible for your card debt in England upon your death?

Your estate is responsible. Other card holders on the account have a responsibility as well.

Who is responsible for church debt?

who is responsible for baptist church debt

Are children responsible for parent debt after their death in VA?

The child is not responsible for the debts of the parents. The estate has to resolve all of these before they can close it out.

If you die before your debt is paid does your estate pay it?

Yes. Your estate is responsible for your debts after your death.

Would my mother's children be liable for any credit card debt she had at the time of her death?

Your mother's estate is responsible for her credit card debt.

Who is responsible for student loan debt after your death?

The student's estate is responsible for paying their debt unless there was a co-signer. If there is no estate the lender is out of luck. If there was a co-signer the lender will seek payment from that party.

I am in Oregon my Dad has died I am 23 and do not know what to do about his credit card debt Am I responsible I am in Oregon.?

AnswerNo, you need to send a copy of the death certificate to the credit card company. You are not responsible for your father's debt.

If my husband dies and leaves credit card debt and our childrens parent plus loan debt am I responsible for assuming the debt in PA?

not if you have death insurance on the loan and credit cards

My Step-father died am i responsible for his debt?

No, you are not responsible for his debt. His estate has that responsibility.

Who is responsible for a deceased mother's credit card debt which is in her name only and property has transfer on death on dead avoiding probate?

The estate is responsible to pay outstanding debt before being distributed to the heirs.

Is child responsible for parents credit card debt after death?

I think that would be paid out of the estate and not by the child.

How many years are you responsible for a debt?

There is no specific amount of years that you are responsible for a debt. This depends entirely of the terms of the debt.

Who is responsible for marital debt?

Both of the spouses are responsible for the debt. They both benefited from the debt, so they are held responsibility.

Who is responsible for your credit card debt after your death in Ontario?

I live in California, and my grandmother passed away and I contacted the credit card companies, told them she died, sent a death certificate, and they took care of the debt.

Who is responsible for debt after death in Kentucky?

In Kentucky the estate will be responsible for the medical bills of the deceased. Only after they are resolved can the estate be closed and any remainder distributed.

Who is responsible for credit card debt when there is no estate?

Generally a person's estate is responsible for the decedent's debts. If there is no estate the creditors are out of luck. They should be notified of the death.

Is a daughter who was power of attorney prior to her father's death responsible to the IRS for his debt when there is no estate?

No. The father's estate is responsible for his debts. If there is no estate the creditor is out of luck.

Are you responsible for your siblings debt?

You are not responsible for your sibling's debt unless you co-signed and agreed to be responsible for it. If you co-sign for a debt and the primary borrower doesn't pay then you will be held responsible for repayment.

If you are a co-signer and the other person dies are you still responsible for the debt?

Yes, that is the whole point of co-signing. Someone has to cover the debt. If one person dies, defaults or goes bankrupt then the co-signer is responsible. In death the estate is still responsible for the debt. If there is nothing left then the co-signer has to cover it.