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this all depends on where it happened. If your dog was on its own property leased or fenced in and the other dog was unleashed and coming on to your property and kills your dog the owner of the other dog is definitely responsible. If your dog got loose and wandered on to the other property you are responsible. If this happened in the street then which ever dog was off-leash the owner of that dog is fully responsible. That is why it is sad when a person does not have control of their animal.

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I would have to say the person who is responsible for the dog and its behavior. I believe when you take a dog onto someone elses property you should have a leash and collar on it at all times.

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It depends on the circumstances. If someone walked into your yard and shot your dog, call the police. If your dog was on someone else's property and attacking something or someone, the person who killed it is usually justified.

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Q: Who is responsible if a dog kills your dog?
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