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The driver is responsible to the hotel; the hotel is responsible to you for any damages that you incur.

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Yes... About 8% of all vehicle crashes. About 40% of all fatal vehicle crashes. (According to NHTSA)

There were how many motor vehicle crashes in Florida during dawn in 2008.

63% of the children up to age 15 who were killed in motor vehicle crashes were killed in alcohol-related crashes. true or fales?

It just depends on how quickly it stops. In some crashes the vehicle may go on out of control for some distance, in head-on crashes it will stop very quickly

Synthetic (plastic) crash test dummies, simulating the shape, form and weight of humans, are used in test vehicle crashes, rather than cadavers.

the person the vehicle was leased to is responsible as they are the ones that have caused the vehicle to need to be repossessed.

The driver of a vehicle is responsible for the proper functioning of that vehicle. Even if you did not know the brakes were bad, the accident and all damages are the fault of the driver.

Take them to small claims court or settle it through your insurance company.

25% of drivers between the ages of 15 and 20 were killed in a motor vehicle crashes had been drinking

You are responsible because you are not allowed to drive an unregistered vehicle. it is your responsibility as driver of the vehicle to make sure everything is in order. However if your boss doesn't pay the fine for you he is a first class pr--k.

Sure can. It belongs to the company and not the employee.

The severity index formula is used to calculate the relative seriousness of vehicle crashes at a given location. It takes into account the number of crashes as well as the severity of the injuries sustained by those involved.

If you have collision coverage on your vehicle, the damage is covered under your policy. Your insurance company will then attempt to recover ("subrogate") the responsible parties insurance carrier....or the responsible party directly if they were not covered by insurance. If you do not carry collision coverage on the damaged vehicle, your only avenue of recovery is through the responsible parties insurance carrier or, the responsible party directly if they were not insured.

The leasee is responsible, unless the vehicle is still under warranty and the problem is covered under said warranty

If your vehicle is destroyed while in possession of the tow companies lot are they responsible?

The Company who owns the vehicle would be responsible for deductibles listed on the policy their own policy.

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens.

The fact that a collision can usually contain more then one vehicle

no, theres other things like diseases.

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