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The design, which comes from the Peace medallions made in the 1800's, is supposed to represent cooperation and peace between the United States (the wrist with the cuff) and the American Indian tribes. It's not actually modeled after any specific people, just an artist's rendition.

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How much is the 2004 Peace medal nickel worth?

5 cents.

What is the value of a nickel with a axe and a pipe crossing each other?

It's just a 2004 Peace Medal nickel spend it.

John quincey adams 1925 indian peace medal?

The John Quincy Adams Indian Peace Medal is actually from 1825. George Washington began a tradition of presenting peace medals during formal ceremonies, including treaty signings.

What was a peace medal?

A medal of peace.

How do you get down the wood so you can get the peace medal in poptropica?

What peace medal? What peace medal?

What is on both sides of the 1803 nickel comm emorating the Louisiana purchase?

The obverse has Jefferson and the reverse shows the Peace Medal.

How much is a WW1 English Peace Medal worth?

A WWI English peace medal can be worth forty dollars or more. The specific value of the medal is determined by the current condition of the medal.

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What are Orville Wright's awards?

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What is the value of a 2004 Jefferson Peace Medal Nickel that is also struck a dime and possibly more strikes of other denoms?

This is not a Mint error coin. It has likely been altered by placing the nickel and dime in a vise and squeezing them together causing a reverse image of the dime to appear on the nickel. The coin has no numismatic collectible value.

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hanging on a board on lw

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What had Bob Marley achieved?

The Peace Medal Award

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What is the value of a Andrew Jackson peace and friendship medal?


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