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The song your thinking about is Australia. It is about how they Jo Bros are describing their dream who is from Australia & about how they will wait for a long time for her.

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Who sang Still In Love With You?

The Jonas Brothers.

Still in love with you is a song in what Jonas Brothers album?

It was in the 2nd album called "Jonas Brothers" and it was number 6.

How long does it take a drop of oil to evaporate?

No but I love Jonas Brothers!!!!!!No but I love Jonas Brothers!!!!!!No but I love Jonas Brothers!!!!!!

What album is the Jonas Brothers' song still in love with you on?

it's on their self-titled album "Jonas Brothers", which is their second album.

Do mady and cara love the Jonas Brothers?

yea they do love the Jonas brothers

Is Jonas brothers 'still in love with you' about Miley Cyrus?


How did they get the name Jonas Brothers?

They are brothers, and their last name is Jonas. (= I love the Jonas Brothers! <3

Who wrote love bug by the Jonas Brothers?

The Jonas Brothers.

Are the Jonas Brothers still popular?

of course they still popular and the people still love them they are so hot and so cool and even what happen they still popular and they are so talant love the Jonas brother

Will the Jonas Brothers hate you?

The Jonas Brothers love all their fans.

I love the Jonas Brothers?

cool i know the Jonas brothers are hot

Are the Jonas Brothers still alive?

Yes, the Jonas Brothers are alive.

Who sings better is it the Jonas brothers or one direction?

the Jonas Brothers i love them

Do you love jb?

I LOVE the Jonas Brothers

Does nick Jonas still live with the Jonas brothers?

i think he lives with his mom dad and brothers still

Does Joe Jonas still live with the Jonas brothers?

Yes,he still is.

Jonas Brothers SOS do you like it?

i love any song written by the Jonas brothers

Do you like the Jonas Brothers if you know who i am talking about?

Yes. I love the Jonas Brothers. They Rock!!!!

Do most girls love the Jonas Brothers?

I think mostly young Teens and preteens love the Jonas Brothers, including me.

Nick Jonas favorite song by the Jonas brothers?

Nick Jonas' favorite song that his band has written is "Still in Love With You" because he can relate to still being in love with his ex-girlfriend. In concert, however, he enjoys playing "Year 3000"

What age were the Jonas brothers when they started a band?

i love Jonas

How can you NOT love the Jonas Brothers?

By not loving them.

WHo here is in love with the Jonas Brothers?

i am

Do the Jonas brothers love Chicago?


Do the Jonas Brothers love Morgan Nielsen?

The Jonas Brothers have no information about Morgan Nielsen.They have never met so there is no way that they can love her.